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Peter is a protagonist in Akira Toriyama's Dub & Peter 1 manga. He and his best friend Dub also make a cameo in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.


Dub & Peter 1

Peter is a slim, very intelligent young man. One day, his best friend Dub asks him a nice sports car to pick up girls. Peter goes to a junkyard and creates a really fast car in just three hours. As Dub can not pay Peter, he names the car "Peter 1" in his honor.

The problem is that the first model has only one seat. In the second model, the car is equipped with a central computer that constantly teases Dub on his overweight. Finally, some changes thereafter aim to sharpen the computer's faculties to spot pretty girls in the street.

After Dub wins 1 million Zeni in a race against two thugs who wanted to kidnap a girl, he decides to give the money to Peter and then asks for him to make a robot girl that resembles the real world actress Hikaru Nishida.

Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission


Peter and Dub in Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission

Peter and Dub appear in the first chapter of Victory Mission. They are shown near Satan City Primary School, surprised to see Beat leaving the school so quickly to rush to an arcade.