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Persuasion is a technique used by several members of the Dragon Team.[2] Mr. Satan is a master of this technique due to his ability to con the general population of Earth.


A user of persuasion are incredibly persuasive and are able to bring anyone to understand and feel for there viewpoint, and can convince others of virtually anything. Users of persuasion usually use this ability in attempts to have other people give their energy to a Spirit Bomb.


Mr. Satan uses this ability throughout the Cell Games to save face in front of Jimmy Firecracker, his cameraman, Miss Piiza, and his students by claiming the abilities utilized by the Z Fighters and Cell were tricks and/or staged using things like wires and explosives. He also utilized it as part of his Miracle Kneel where he pretends to be unable to fight due to a stomach ache (which he uses often enough that the general public view it as a chronic condition). After Gohan defeated Cell, Mr. Satan used it to convince the people of Earth that he defeated Cell, leading him to be hailed as the Savior of Earth.

However his ability to deceive others doesn't work on members of the Dragon Team and Cell as they recognize that his strength pales in comparison to their own. Additionally, his daughter Videl is only partially fooled and reveals to Gohan that she suspected her father didn't actually defeat Cell given his personality (as well as her knowledge that Flight, Ki Blasts, and Energy Waves are legitimate martial arts techniques over the course of her flight training and battle with Spopovich) after she stated to realize he was the boy that fought Cell.

In the anime, when Goku was trying to gather energy for the Super Spirit Bomb to defeat Kid Buu, Goten, Gohan, Trunks, and Piccolo headed to different places around Earth to try and convince people to give their energy to Goku. However, they failed.[2] However, Mr. Satan succeeds where they failed due to his ability to convince the people of Earth they were sending their energy to him (which they readily believed as they considered him Earth's savior) after admonishing them for refusing to give their energy earlier.

Video Game Appearances

In the Xenoverse series, Mr. Satan is still considered a hero by members of the Time Patrol and in Xenoverse 2 is even respected by the Earthling population of Conton City. Some Time Patrollers even apparently believe myths regarding his strength. Additionally Mr. Satan merchandise such as Hercule Badges and Hero Colosseum Figure are valuable collectables in Conton City with Future Trunks and the Conton City Hero taking advantage of his celebrity to promote the Hero Colosseum among Earthling Time Patrollers and even have him appear in a commercial to promote the Hero Colosseum (with Piccolo suggesting they have Mr. Satan wear a special costume during said commercial and release a limited edition Hero Figure based upon his appearance in said commercial to take advantage of his fanbase and the collectors market). However it should be noted that some recognize his historical feats and acts of heroism such as aiding Android 16 during the Cell Games which allowed Gohan to achieve Super Saiyan 2, his legitimate win against Spopovich in the 24th World Martial Arts Tournament, his friendship with Majin Buu which lead to Good Buu becoming the progenitor of the Majin race after reading Mr. Satan's copy of Bob & Margaret, the beating he gave to murderous Van Zant, and his role in the creation of the Super Spirit Bomb that historically killed Kid Buu.

In Dragon Ball Legends, after being freed from Super Buu, Piccolo and Ultimate Gohan use Persuasion to convince Good Buu to aid them and Shallot in order to defeat DRK Kid Buu, as this incarnation of Good Buu wants to defeat Shallot due to Innocent Buu's memories of being defeated previously by Super Saiyan 3 Shallot. Piccolo is ultimately successful, and Good Buu heals Shallot allowing him to gather enough energy to destroy DRK Kid Buu. However Piccolo is forced to keep Good Buu busy while Shallot leaves to continue his hunt for Giblet.

In World Mission, Note uses Persuasion to convince Caulifla that Xeno Turles was lying about the Fruit of the Tree of Might he offered her and Kale in exchange for protecting the Tree of Might, as given Caulifla's personality and criminal background she might not have been swayed by morale arguments against consuming the divine fruit increase her power. However Caulifla challenges Note to a fight in order to prove her trustworthiness, though she manages to defeat them both, causing Caulifla to trust Note and turn on Xeno Turles and his Crusher Corps.[1]


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