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Percel is a member of the Time Patrol.


Percel is a member of Frieza's race who appears similar to users of the Fourth Transformation. His body armor is beige and his skin is dark blue, he has a green face and tail, and his gems are light blue.


Percel was sent to do several quests in an alternate timeline where King Piccolo fused with Kami. In this timeline King Piccolo and his army of demons were waging war against the Red Ribbon Androids and this was causing the world to be damaged.

Percel fought in the conflict, but it soon got worse as Babidi and his forces arrived on Earth to join in the battle. Eventually Percel managed to defeat all three evil factions and used the Namekian Dragon Balls to restore the Earth to normal.

In Age 852, Percel is one of several Time Patrollers sent on a mission to investigate a time rift anomaly that had formed around Satan House.

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