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This article is about the in-universe location. For the anime volume, see Pendulum Room (volume).

The Pendulum Room (時の部屋 Toki no Heya, lit. "Room of Time"), formerly known as the Time Room, is a room on The Lookout that allows a person (in the original Dragon Ball) or a person's mind (in Dragon Ball Z) to journey through time.[1]



The Pendulum Room in Dragon Ball Z

In Dragon Ball, the room is known as the Time Room and contains numerous clocks, a portal to the past will open on one of the falls when the user wishes to travel back in time. In Dragon Ball Z, the Pendulum Room is named for the huge pendulum swinging back in forth in it. The pendulum swings over a ring, which a person must stand in if he or she wishes to be transported by the pendulum.

The "time travel" of the Pendulum Room does not alter any past events, as the interactions that character's sent back have with the past never happen as it functions more like an interactive vision of the past rather than traditional Time Travel which is generally taboo among gods and a crime under Galactic law.[2] Dying in the illusory past will send the user back to the Pendulum Room unharmed physically (however the user can still be affected mentally by the experience). The Pendulum Room is useful for training against warriors and learning from martial artists of the past such as Master Mutaito and the Phantom Saiyans.


Dragon Ball[]

In the Dragon Ball filler episode "The Time Room", Goku was sent back in time to learn from Master Roshi's former sensei, Master Mutaito, about manipulating one's ki.

Dragon Ball Z[]

Later, in the Dragon Ball Z episode "Pendulum Room Peril", Krillin, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu and Yamcha use the room to travel to Planet Vegeta over a hundred years in the past and fight two Saiyans named Shorty and Scarface. It is revealed that it is impossible to be killed in the Pendulum Room despite what events may occur in the visions the room induces.

Video Game Appearances[]

Saiyaman Piccolo Taiketsu

The Pendulum Room in Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu

The Pendulum Room is a battle stage in Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu.


  • In the 11th episode of the Imperfect Cell Saga, Mr. Popo calls the Hyperbolic Time Chamber the Pendulum Room. The narrator makes the same error at the end of the 13th episode of the saga.
    • This confusion is likely due to the Pendulum Room (時の部屋 Toki no Heya) and Hyperbolic Time Chamber (精神と時の部屋 Seishin to Toki no Heya) having similar Japanese names.
  • It is unclear if the Pendulum Room is considered a violation of the Galactic laws concerning time manipulation, though given the Guardian of Earth is a god and the Pendulum Room can't alter the original history it is unlikely that the Time Patrol or Chronoa has any problem with it as they only prohibit Time Travel actually capable of effecting and altering the past.
    • According to Jaco's "Future" Trunks Saga explaination of what constitutes a violation of the laws regarding the manipulation of time in the manga, the Pendulum Room would not be a violation of Galactic law, as its method of time travel does not allow the past to be altered, thus does not create alternate timelines or alter the existing history. This would mean the Pendulum Room would be permitted as it cannot be used to alter the official history, similar to Time-Skip and Time Freeze. However it is unclear if the Pendulum Room even exists in the manga continuity.



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