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Pasta Macareni (パスター Pasutā) is the eldest of the Macareni Siblings, and a regular foe of the Galactic Patrol.


Fitting with his criminal stature, Pasta Macaroni has the look of a typical western outlaw, armed with a Ray Gun that resembles a Colt Revolver and a run down cloth that drapes over his upper body. He also wears dark pants and a simple belt.

His more defining characteristics come within his long face, pointy nose and ears, and his relatively long hair parted to his right side. The left side of the top of his head features three horizontal lines.


Pasta is quite self-absorbed, seeming to only care about himself and his siblings' well beings and taking any chance to manipulate situations into his favor, mainly for the sake of wealth, which is shown by him taking a calm demeanor in the face of the Galactic Patrol. With how many times he's been captured and escaped, he seems generally content within the walls of the Galactic Patrol prison and noted to be somewhat glad to be there. 

It's only when Shimorekka threatens him with death where he briefly loses said suave persona, replaced with fear.


Dragon Ball Super

Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga

Main article: Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga Pasta and his siblings are introduced by stealing Blue Aurum, a valuable fuel source, from the planet Jung. They are eventually caught by the Galactic Patrol member Merus, who notes his theft of the material is his most audacious caper yet. Before being sent away to Galactic Prison, he tells the Galactic Patrol, along with Goku and Vegeta, about how while in prison, Cranberry informed him about the Namekian Dragon Balls and how he wanted enough manpower to find said balls, which he eventually found in Moro.

However, this sentence is short-lived as Moro soon wished for all the detainees to be free from prison with the balls. Pasta and his siblings decide to join Saganbo on his trip to New Namek with the rest of the inmates, now siding with Moro. 

Now feeling safe under Moro's protection, he and his group returned to Jung to steal Blue Aurum. Without the protection of the Galactic Patrol, the theft was easy. In search of more wealth, Penne tells her brother that Earth may be a good place to go since she overheard Jaco and Vegeta talking about how Earth had "Sky Gold" - noted to be similar to Blue Aurum. With this in mind and hoping it's actually more Blue Aurum, he sets off with his siblings to the planet.

Soon after they arrive, his gang was intercepted by Piccolo, thinking that they would be a possible danger to the planet. After a brief fight, the three are outmatched and tied up. However, Piccolo, believing they aren't a threat, let them off with a warning to never come back. With Dende arriving to inform the Namekian that the three are actually working with Moro, Piccolo shoots his departing ship down. While it does stop the three from escaping the planet, it gave him enough time to contact Moro's main forces to rescue them.

He's then kept on Kami's Lookout in a cage with his relatives, presumably until the Galactic Patrol came to send him back to prison.



Pasta admits he is no match for Merus - while suppressing himself to around the level of Galactic Patrol members.

During his battle with Piccolo on Earth, Pasta Macareni infused his energy into a bunch of small rocks, and at will was able to make them all explode, however his attack was not fast enough to land on Piccolo. He was then quickly taken down after Piccolo threw his two siblings directly at him.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Ki Transfer - Pasta is capable of infusing ki into an inanimate object.
    • Self Destruction - After infusing ki into an inanimate object, Pasta can click his fingers to make it explode.
  • I'll Shoot You! - Pasta fires his Shotgun-type Ray Gun.


  • Revolver-type Ray Gun - A gun that fires laser beams capable of massive damage to a normal being, but useless to one with a higher power level.
  • Shotgun-type Ray Gun - A gun that fires laser beams capable of massive damage to a normal being, but useless to one with a higher power level. This gun was shown to be able to destroy a railway.


Dragon Ball Super
  • Pasta Macareni vs. Mounted Forces
  • Pasta Macareni vs. Merus
  • Pasta Macareni, Penne Macareni, and Ghetti Macareni vs. Piccolo



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