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Pasta (パスタ Pasuta) is one of King Gurumes' top henchmen in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies. She can be considered to be the true main antagonist of the film, as she was manipulating Gurumes the whole time in order to get the Blood Rubies for herself.[1]


Pasta is a young attractive woman that has long, curly orange hair and blue eyes.



Dragon Ball[]

Curse of the Blood Rubies[]

Pasta - Blood Rubies - 003

Raven ails her targets with her Rocket Launcher

Pasta teams up with Bongo to obtain all of the Dragon Balls for King Gurumes in exchange for the Blood Rubies that lay in his land. Using an airplane, they head to Mount Paozu where they steal Goku's Dragon Ball and replace it with a gold coin as payment.

Goku and Bulma pursue them in an airplane of their own to get back the Dragon Ball but Pasta takes to the gunner on the plane and shoots them down. She eventually follows them to Kame House having tracked down the location of two other Dragon Balls via Submarine and orders the command of the island being struck with pick pocket missiles. They retrieve one of the Dragon Balls before heading back to King Gurumes to report the situation.

When Goku and the others head to Pansy's homeland to confront King Gurumes. Yamcha attempts to fight her at Gurumes' castle when she attacks the gang, but after her cowl and goggles are knocked off, he becomes frozen due to his fear of pretty girls. She is seen again later when the Dragon Balls restore the Land of Gurumes and despairs upon seeing the blood rubies being removed from the land. Goku finds Pasta and gives her back her gold coin.



Pasta had enough skill to dodge several of Yamcha's strikes before knocking him down with a kick, however Yamcha had frozen up at the time due to his fright of being around pretty girls.


Video Game Appearances[]

Gurumes Warrioress Pasta INT Card

Gurumes Warrioress Pasta Card from Dokkan Battle

Pasta first appeared as a playable character in Dokkan Battle who can be purchased for 1500 Blood Rubies at Baba's Shop.

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  • Pasta is the series first female film antagonist and the only female antagonist who can be considered the true antagonist of the film she appears in. It was not until the Dragon Ball Z era film Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound that another female antagonist would appear in the form of the Galaxy Soldier Zangya. As a result Pasta is the only female human antagonist to appear in a Dragon Ball era film.
    • Interestingly, both women have orange hair and fight against Yamcha at some point in their respective films.
  • Pasta's design largely recycles Launch's bad form; She could be seen as the movie continuity's version of Hasky.



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