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The Para Brothers' spaceship (パラパラブラザーズの宇宙船 Para Para Burazāzu no Uchūsen) is the mushroom-shaped spaceship used by the Para Brothers to travel across the universe in order to collect the Black Star Dragon Balls for the Luud Cult.


The Para Brothers' spaceship first appears in Dragon Ball GT, after Bon Para steals the Black Six-Star Dragon Ball from the hands of Pan on planet Gelbo. Goku, Trunks, and Pan uses their Grand Tour Spaceship and begin to chase after the Para Brothers' spaceship. The brothers lead them into Beehay, whose center is a maze of caves full of creatures named Moumas, and return to Planet Luud.

Spaceships on Planet Luud

On Luud, Cardinal Mutchy Mutchy tells them that they left one Dragon Ball aboard the Grand Tour spaceship. The Para Brothers then return to Beehay with their ship. While the brothers take the opportunity to sneak onto the Grand Tour spaceship and try to steal the Four-Star Dragon Ball, Pan and Giru go aboard the Para Brothers' spaceship to get back their Six-Star Dragon Ball. Pan accidentally activates the auto-pilot, and is brought to Planet Luud. With the Para Brothers, Goku and Trunks pursue the ship to Luud. With Pan and Giru stuck on board, the Para Brothers' spaceship lands on Luud in a garage full of mushroom-shaped ships similar to the Para Brothers' spaceship.

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