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Paparoni's cane (パパロニの杖 Paparoni no tsue) is a walking stick, phone, and remote control used by Paparoni.


Paparoni posing

Paparoni summoning his teammates with his cane

Paparoni wields this cane during the Tournament of Power. He is first seen twirling it around when his team is introduced. Paparoni only uses the cane to control Koitsukai, Panchia, and Bollarator. He can also receive orders through it from Mule.

The cane glows when it is functions are used. Only three of those functions are known: controlling his creations, initiating Plan X, and utilizing Universe 3's Ultimate Secret Technique, allowing Paparoni to fuse with Koichiarator to create Anilaza. The cane is highly durable as it remained intact and undamaged after being hit with Gohan's Kamehameha, and is only destroyed when it is erased from existence with its owner and the rest of Team Universe 3.


  • It is never stated why this cane was allowed in the Tournament of Power, given its status as an item, although it's probable that since it is only a remote control and has no offensive capabilities, it is acceptable.
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