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Paparapapa (パッパラパー Papparapā) is a magic word used by Babidi and his father Bibidi. The word is said many times in both the Dragon Ball manga and Dragon Ball Z anime.


Babidi says "paparapapa" to perform various actions:


  • In the Japanese version of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Shazzan, the titular genie (called "Daimao Shazzan", with daimao in this case meaning "Great Magical King" instead of "Great Demon King") says the phrase "Paparapah!" whenever he uses his magic. This chant became a popular phrase among kids at the time, with Akira Toriyama being 12 when this anime originally aired in Japan. Since Shazzan is a genie and the whole show is based on the Arabian Nights, this would be another bit of Arabian Nights influence on the Buu arc.


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