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Pamput (パンプット Pamputto) is a Muay Thai kickboxer and famous movie star that faces Goku in the first round of the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament. He is also known as the "Unstoppable Fighter," as exclaimed by Master Roshi while disguised as Jackie Chun.


Pamput is a fairly tall, fairly muscular, youthful-looking man with dark skin, a large mop of curly black hair worn in an afro style and large oval eyes. During battle, he wears bright green Muay Thai shorts with red lining, a red dressing gown with cream lining (which he removes before fighting), and white bandages wrapped around his hands and feet, while outside of combat, he wears a duck egg blue tracksuit for training, and a grey suit with a red tie and sunglasses for formal occasions.


Powerful and proud, Pamput takes great pride in his skills as a fighter. Inwardly however, he is frustrated by his followers being in love with his public image as a movie star rather than as the fighter he aspires to be. He is also openly disappointed by his frequent lack of any actual challenges, desiring little more than an actual fight considered worthy of his time.


Dragon Ball[]

Tien Shinhan Saga[]



In addition to being a world-famous movie star, Pamput is the egotistical champion of two worldwide martial arts tournaments other than the World Martial Arts Tournament.[1] He plans on making the 22nd World Martial Arts Tournament his third championship victory, before being defeated by Goku in the 4th match of the 1st round. Tien Shinhan dismisses him as "too cocky."

Pamputto breaks wall

Pamput breaks a wall

His fight against Goku starts with Pamput making a flashy entry. However, when he first punches at Goku, he taunts him as if the punch was too fast for him to follow. Goku says "it wasn't much of a punch," so Pamput demonstrates his great speed and power by destroying an arena wall with an elbow strike. But, when he attacks Goku again, Goku pulls off a quick three-hit combo to the chest, completely knocking Pamput out. The World Tournament Announcer is astonished over the "single-punch" KO, and Goku wins the match. He's later mentioned by the World Tournament Announcer when talking about Goku and Pamputs fight in the finals.

King Piccolo Saga[]

Pamput is fighting another opponent when Tambourine showed up and told Pamput that he was there to kill him. Pamput started laughing and thought there was no way Tambourine could kill him, but then Tambourine delivered a deadly kick to Pamput's face, killing him. Pamput was later revived by the Dragon Balls, along with the other victims of King Piccolo and his children.


Manga & Anime

Pamput was described as being a great fighter when compared to normal human standards, having won two other international fighting tournaments. He had a great deal of physical strength, being able to crush a wall with an elbow strike. However, when compared to the likes of Goku, he is no match for him at all.

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Dragon Ball


Pamput star wars

Pamput in a film similar to Star Wars

  • When Bulma mentions that Pamput is a movie star in the anime, it is shown that he starred in a movie similar to Star Wars (Pamput has a weapon like a lightsaber and there are enemy henchmen similar to the Imperial Stormtroopers). This could have been added to the anime due to Akira Toriyama being a Star Wars fan.
  • Pamput's appearance somewhat resembles Mr. Shu, however, Pamput has darker skin and lacks a mustache.
  • Pamput is somewhat similar to Mr. Satan as both celebrity martial arts champions who are strong by normal human martial artist standards though pale in comparison the likes of Goku and his friends.
  • Pamput is not shown being resurrected in either the manga or anime after Shenron restores Piccolo's victims.



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