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Paella (パエリア Paeria) is a small, blue imp who appears in the video game Dragon Ball Online. He is leader of the Paella Gang, a gang similar to the Pilaf Gang. Paella is also extremely similar to the Pilaf Gang's leader, Emperor Pilaf, in terms of name and appearance.



Paella in-game

After a prophecy from a robot priestess, Paella decides to take over the world like his ancestor Pilaf. Paella has a henchman named Sho who is similar to Mai, and a henchman named Lon who is similar to Shu. The Paella Gang took over Mushroom Rocks in Age 988, and were finally ready to conquer the entire Earth two years later, in Age 990. In the present timeline of Dragon Ball Online, Age 1000, Paella and his gang are amongst the many villain groups present on Earth, along with Mira's Time Breakers, the Evil Namekians, and the Red Pants Army.


  • Paella is a Spanish rice dish.

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