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"Oushou" is a normal boy who ended up in the Reincarnation Game" as Chiaotzu (ちゃお Chaozu). Oushou was the name he utilized online.



Oushou was as avid fan of the Dragon Ball series and a player of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. He was highly skilled enough at the game that he won many tournaments.

Reincarnation Game


At some point Oushou was reincarnated into the Dragon World as Chiaotzu and used his knowledge of the series to get by. However it continually ended badly for him each time, having numerous attempts at going through life as Chiaotzu.

Eventually deciding he'd had enough, he chose to go another route and planned to use his knowledge combined with his psychic powers in order to rule over the world.

Dragon Ball Z

Confronted by the reincarnated Yamcha, the two battled with Oushou losing after Yamcha asked him what Yamcha's birthday is, causing him to let his guard down and be struck.

Yamcha attempts to use the Evil Containment Wave to trap Oushou in a jar but chooses not to at the last moment after remembering who Oushou was in his own world. The two then discuss their love for the series which causes Oushou to break down and cry and vows to change his ways.

It's then revealed that Oushou along with Yamcha were just pawns in a game involving Beerus and Champa to pass the time.


Oushou used his knowledge of Dragon Ball events to make Chiaotzu considerably stronger than he originally was. However, in a battle against the reincarnated Yamcha who had benefitted in the same way, Oushou acknowledged that he could not beat Yamcha in a hand-to-hand fight and used other methods to catch his opponent off guard though he ultimately lost in the end.



  • Yamcha (Reincarnated) vs. Oushou (Chiaotzu)


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