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Ostrich Chickens[1] are a race of bird creatures that are effectively the same as ostriches.


Ostrich Chickens are raised by the farmer at Spinach Wastes. They are similar in appearance to the cassowary, a large flightless bird native to Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Video Game appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, they appear as common to rare enemies, depending on type. There are three different types, all of which need to be caught to fill up the bestiary. The types are: Ostrich Chicken, Sand Ostrich, and Dododo.

Ostrich Chicken

The Ostrich Chicken is the most common type of Ostrich Chicken, They are fairly weak, and appear in most wastelands. They have the interesting ability of either healing or damaging you, with a chance to stun, when they attack. They can also flee using a charge attack.

Sand Dodo

The Sand dodo is an uncommon type of ostrich chicken, they are very fast, and only appear in desert areas.


The Dododo is the rarest of the three ostrich chickens, however they have the least health of the three, with a health level of 63. They are incredibly fast, so they almost always get to strike first, where they will either hit one of your characters or flee, and that also makes them very evasive. They award the smallest amount of Zeni of any creature, at 1, and the highest EXP. They also have a resistance to everything.


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