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Osamu Ishikawa is an Animation Supervisor in Dragon Ball Super.


Born and bred on Rurouni Kenshin, Osamu Ishikawa honed his skills working extensively on the likes of Digimon Xros Wars and Saint Seiya Omega. Much like Yukihiro Kitano, Ishikawa found himself with a semi-regular gig on Disk Wars: Avengers before beginning work on Dragon Ball Super.

Ishikawa’s style is very much in-line with Yamamuro’s work, though he tends to favour “cuter” designs – making characters a lot cleaner and younger looking. Though he has yet to show off any impressive animation, his model quality ultimately makes him the most consistent supervisor working on Super next to the likes of Yuichi Karasawa.[1]

Episodes Supervised

God of Destruction Beerus Saga
Golden Frieza Saga
Universe 6 Saga
"Future" Trunks Saga
Universe Survival Saga


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