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The Organization of Babidi[2], also known as Babidi's Forces (バビディの部下 Babidi no Buka, lit. "Bobbidi's subordinates"), is the group created by the evil wizard Babidi to aid in the revival of Buu.

Babidi's minions are unwilling servants, their loyalty being the result of a mind control spell. This spell unlocks their potential and thus increases their power and places a large "M" on their forehead (the "Demon mark"; the kanji for Demon being 魔; Ma).[3]


Dragon Ball Z[]

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Spopovich and Yamu

The duplicate of the powerful wizard Bibidi, Babidi uses his sorcery to take control of a number of prime fighters from across the universe. His forces make their debut with Yamu and Spopovich, who are sent to the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament to steal energy from other contestants so that Babidi may resurrect his father's ultimate creation, Majin Buu.

Upon receiving the energy, Babidi betrays and murders Yamu and Spopovich with help from another more powerful minion, Pui Pui. Babidi also has control over the King of the Demon Realm, Dabura, whose spit is enough to overpower Krillin and Piccolo, and who killed Kibito. Having lured them into his base of operations, Babidi unleashes his most powerful followers, the Boss Warriors, on Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, and Shin in order to gain the energy necessary to revive Majin Buu.

At level one, Pui Pui begins a losing battle with Vegeta. In order for his minion to gain an advantage, Babidi had to teleport the interior of the room to Pui Pui's homeworld: Zoon. However, Vegeta's gravity training made him immune to the increased weight of the planet and Pui Pui was easily slaughtered by Vegeta's Double Galick Cannon.


Dabura and Babidi

Next at level two, Babidi sends Yakon to obtain energy from the three Saiyans and Goku takes his turn to fight the giant green beast. After a quick fight, Babidi cautiously decides to transfer the warriors to Yakon's homeworld, planet Ankoku, so that he could fight at his best. Upon arrival, it is apparent that the name holds up, as the planet is pitch black. Yakon believes he has the upper hand, seeing as how this is his home world and that he is apparently nocturnal. However, he soon realized just what he is up against when Goku, despite some surprise at the new environment, easily beats him around. Goku explains that he can feel and sense out Yakon's movements without even needing to see. Nevertheless, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, lighting up the surrounding area. Yakon proceeds to suck in Goku's energy, revealing that the monster feeds on light. Goku sees right through the technique and allows Yakon to suck in another batch. Only this time, Goku shows off a hint of his Super Saiyan 2 power and Yakon swallows too much, which obliterates him. Babidi then returns the warriors to his ship.

Astonished by their progress, Babidi is forced to send his strongest follower, the Demon King Dabura, to fight at level three. Gohan gets the last turn, and they are transported to a mountainous range on a planet similar to Earth and engage in battle. At first Gohan is a little rusty with his fighting skills, allowing Dabura to best him for a while until he transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 and becomes roughly equal with Dabura. Dabura notices an argument between Vegeta and Goku because of Gohan's poor performance. The demon king asks Babidi to teleport them back to the ship and Dabura retreats back to Babidi. There he reveals that during his battle, he learned that Vegeta is vulnerable to Babidi's spell due to the evil still lingering in his heart. After reporting this to the wizard, Babidi casts his magic on Vegeta, turning him into another mind-controlled soldier. Later, when Majin Buu is hatched from the Sealed Ball, Babidi takes some degree of control over the creature, mostly through bribery.


Vegeta under Babidi's spell.

Vegeta, however, does battle with Buu, and sacrifices himself in a vain attempt to kill the monster. Babidi and Buu begin a reign of terror over Earth, killing millions until being confronted by Goku. During his battle with Buu, Goku chides the Majin for being the wizard's lackey, leading Buu to kill his former master and setting into motion the later events of the saga. After his resurfacing, Buu defects to the Dragon Team's side. With Babidi and his subordinates either dead or free from his possession, the wizard's influence crumbles and becomes a thing of the past.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes[]

During the Supreme Kai of Time Saga, members of the Organization of Babidi appear as members of Team 6 for the Super Space-Time Tournament held by Aeos.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]


Babidi kidnaps Shin to keep Beerus from being able to make a move. He powers up and brainwashes several fighters using Dark Ki and has Dabura aid Cell in setting up the Super Cell Games. He also resurrects Majin Buu to fight for him but needs even more energy for an unknown goal.

World Mission[]

SDBH World Mission Ch2 Sub Ch2-Hero Town in Danger! Game World Organization of Babidi invades Hero Town of the Real World (Villainous Dabura, Villainous Spopovich, Villainous Yamu)

Dabura, Spopovich, and Yamu in Hero Town in World Mission

In Story Mode Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2: "Hero Town in Danger!", an anomaly creates a tear in spacetime that allows Dabura, Spopovich, and Yamu of the SDBH Game World to invade Hero Town located in the Real World of Dragon Ball in search of a powerful ki signatures they detected. Empowered by Villainous Mode via Dabura's Dark Magic which he possesses as a result of the game world anomaly along with the knowledge of the existence of Time Patrollers. Dabura gleefully fires Ki Blasts at two innocent bystanders Roche and Chamile to incite terror and draw out their prey. Overhearing the commotion from the Hero Lab, Great Saiyaman 3, Beat, and Note of the Time Patrol's Dragon Ball Heroes Team appear to defend the town from the incursion by the Game World Organization of Babidi. Yamu and Spopovich tell Dabura they are the ones they detected. Great Saiyaman 3 notes it isn't from him as he's been suppressing his ki and concludes it is Beat and Note whose power levels must have skyrocketed due to their battles against the Saiyan invasion of Earth and an anomalous Super Saiyan 3 Prince Vegeta in the game world and unlike him they have little to no control over their ki outside the game world (Beat can utilize it subconsciously). Dabura reveals they seek to revive Majin Buu of the game world for their master Babidi. As Beat and Note can't fight outside the game world, Great Saiyaman 3 steps in confident he can take them on himself. Great Saiyaman 3 appears to have the upper hand, but Dabura has Spopovich and Yamu use Majin Buu Resurrection to drain Great Saiyaman 3's energy. Dabura gloats at their success before he and his underlings use the tear in space to return to the game world. Due to having his energy drained, Great Saiyaman 3 is temporarily sidelined until he recovers and suggests Beat & Note seek out new recruits that are Hero Switch-compatible using their own Hero Switches to detect compatible individuals. However, if they access the extra dimensional space, they can chase the Organization of Babidi back into the game world. After a brief misunderstanding with Tapion and Minotia who are suspicious of the pair due to the mention of Hirudegarn and them coming out of the same tear in space that villains used. However, after a brief fight, Beat and Note convince them they aren't enemies. Suddenly a voice Tapion recognizes as belonging to his enemy the wizard Hoi of the Kashvar unhappy that they stopped fighting. Hoi soon appears along with Dabura and it is revealed they are working together as their goals align as both seek to unleash demons upon the universe, Hoi the Phantom Beast Hirudegarn and Dabura the Ultimate Majin. Hoi reveals he has collected energy to help revive Buu and that now it is the Organization of Babidi's turn to aid him by seizing Tapion and Minotia so he can free the two halves of Hirudegarn sealed within them. However Great Saiyaman 3 communicating from Hero Town, orders his team to work with the two Legendary Heroes of Konats to defeat Hoi and the Organization of Babidi and prevent Hirudegarn's release.

Dabura summons Spopovich and Yamu who are joined by the game world Pui Pui to seize the brothers. However, the DBH Team and the Heroes of Konats defeat the villains. Hoi complains to Dabura who tells the old wizard to calm down and using Dark Magic he empowers himself, Pui Pui, Spopovich, and Yamu. Beat and Note realize Dabura was holding back during his fight with the Hero Master Great Saiyaman 3. Reacting to the Dark Ki emitted by the villains' Villainous Mode state, Hirudegarn stirs within the brothers to the delight of Hoi. Despite the brothers' best efforts Hirudegarn's halves escape, and reform fully transformed. Great Saiyaman 3 orders his team to work with the brothers to take down the Phantom Beast who is supported by Dabura, Pui Pui, Spopovich, and Yamu. Despite facing both Phantom Beast and King of Demon Realm, the DBH Team and Heroes of Konats defeat the villains and kill Hirudegarn. Hoi is in disbelief as his plans have been ruined and Dabura cannot believe he lost to two sub-par Patrollers. With the villains neutralized and Hirudegarn destroyed, Tapion and Minotia are able to live together in peace.

In Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1: "Great Saiyaman 4", Spopovich and Yamu return to attack Hero Town with Lody getting caught in the crossfire as Beat watches helpless to stop them, through fortunately Lody escapes while Spopovich and Yamu are talking, which also Beat rushes back to the Hero Lab hoping Great Saiyaman 3 might know of a way for the DBH Team to fight back in the real world. The rest of the DBH Team is watching news of the attack being reported on by the Hero Stadium Announcer when Beat rushes in and tells them what happened. Great Saiyaman 3 reveals they've been targeting SDBH Players apparently to prevent the DBH Team from acquiring new recruits. To combat the Organization of Babidi's recent attack on Hero Town, Great Saiyaman 3, Leggings, and Anne introduce a new feature to the Hero Switch that lets them tap into their latent power to utilize game world abilities in the real world and Leggings also reveals the Hero Switch has a built-in function similar to the Great Saiyaman Watch that allows the user to materialize their own version of the suit worn by Great Saiyaman 3 after Beat asks for a suit like the Hero Master. Upon materializing his own suit Leggings gives Beat the hero's name of Great Saiyaman 4. Together with the Hero Master and the rest of the DBH Team's field members, Great Saiyaman 4 goes out to finally confront the villains to save and protect Hero Town.

They find Dabura has joined his underlings in attacking the town and wonders who Great Saiyaman 4 and his teammates are causing Beat to announce they are the Dragon Ball Heroes and upon being reminded of his previous defeat, Dabura is eager to confront them once more and notes their ability to talk back to him has improved but is confident he and his cohorts can win this time.

However, they defeat Dabura and Great Saiyaman 3 is impressed by how quickly they got accustomed to fighting outside the game world. The DBH Team then splits up to take on Spopovich and Yamu separately with Beat taking on Yamu. Eventually they manage to defeat the remaining two.

However, suddenly a mysterious Majin appears disappointed in Dabura, thinking he was more than just an energy delivery boy. The DBH Team discovers the mysterious individual is named Kabra who Note recognizes as the name of a experienced SDBH player due to her keeping tabs on the names of potential rivals. Kabra reveals he is supposed to collect energy and destroy all the other SDBH players before contradicting himself saying he doesn't want to attack Hero Town or any players. Great Saiyaman 3 realizes something is wrong with Kabra and notices a Majin mark on his head tentacle revealing he's fallen under Babidi's control thus explaining his behavior. Great Saiyaman 3 warns the others to be careful fighting him as Babidi's magic has unlocked his potential like Majin Vegeta, though he suspects that defeating him might weaken Babidi's spell enough for Kabra to break free as his will is strong enough to partially resist and by weakening the spell, he should be able to break free. They manage to defeat Kabra who starts to resist Babidi's control forcing the wizard to finally show himself. Babidi notes he hasn't had someone resist him like this since Vegeta but reveals he has already acquired enough energy to free Majin Buu.

However due to an anomaly he frees the game world, Kid Buu instead of Innocent Buu. Babidi tries to order Buu to attack but he falls alseep forcing Babidi to threaten to seal him up to get him to listen and follow orders. However, the DBH Team is able to completely destroy Kid Buu to Babidi's udder shock and Great Saiyaman 4 finishes off the evil wizard for good with a Ki Blast, completely freeing Kabra, who reverts back to his normal Human-type Earthling form. With that the Organization of Babidi is defeated. However, they are called off to confront another attack, this time by "the menace" behind the anomalies, Sealas.

In the Extra Dimensional Space of Chapter 3, Sub Chapter 1, the DBH Team's encounter with the wizard Babidi plays out differently due to it taking place deeper within the anomaly effecting Hero Town. In this anomalous timeline, Babidi claims that he has freed three Majin Buus from the Sealed Ball. However instead of three incarnations of Majin Buu, he summons Neko Majin Z, Neko Majin Mix, and Neko Majin Mike to combat the DBH Team. Great Saiyaman 3 concludes that the anomaly caused the three Neko Majin to be freed instead of an incarnation of Buu but Babidi unaware of what Majin Buu looked like mistook the three magical cats for Majin Buu. Babidi orders the three Neko Majin to attack the heroes and Z decides to play along and complies after seeing the beat-up Kabra who is not yet completely free of Babidi's control. After beating the Neko Majin trio, Neko Majin Z transforms into Super Neko Majin which the some of the Heroes at first assume is Z going Super Saiyan (presumably assuming it to be another effect of the anomaly) before Z explains it is his Super Neko Majin form.

The Heroes find that Super Neko Majin Z and his companions are tough. Eventually they come up with a plan to free Kabra by getting Babidi to join the fight as a way to eliminate him. They then trick Z into forcing Babidi to join in on the fight against his will. This gives Beat the opportunity to kill Babidi with a energy wave freeing Kabra who reverts to his original human form. Neko Majin Z, Mix, and Mike realize the DBH team are heroes and are happy to see Kabra free. The conflict ends with Beat and his teammates befriending Z and his companions as they return to the game world hoping to see and fight them again. After they leave, Great Saiyaman 3 reveals he's not surprised by Z's strength especially not with "him" (referring to Goku) as a mentor to Beat's confusion as he is unaware Z is a student of Goku.

Known Members[]


Babidi's Forces in Dragon Ball Heroes


The ten level 4 guards seen in "The Long Awaited Fight"

  • Level 4 guards
    • No. I
    • No. II
    • No. III
    • No. IV
    • No. V
    • No. VI
    • No. VII
    • No. VIII
    • No. IX
    • No. X
  • Idasam (informant; provided Babidi with the information that Trunks lived in West City as a form of revenge for her sons being defeated during the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament Junior Division)
  • Marvin (informant; provided Babidi with the names of the tournament participants in an attempt to save his own skin, only to be killed due to neglecting to give their addresses)
  • Cooler Force
    • Cooler (during the Super Cell Games he was among the two warriors supplied to Cell to act as his teammates; killed by Cell for attempting to destroy the Earth which would have ended the games prematurely)
    • Cooler's Armored Squadron
      • Salza (Cooler's top subordinate; brainwashed by Babidi after Cooler's death)
  • Galaxy Soldiers
    • Bojack (during the Super Cell Games he was among the two warriors supplied to Cell to act as his teammates; eliminated from the Super Cell Games after being incapacitated by Android 16's Last Resort, though after recovering rejoined Babidi's organization to take revenge on Team Beerus willingly allowing Babidi to empower him with Dark Ki)
    • Zangya (Boujack's female subordinate; Boujack inadvertently kills her along with several DRK Combatants in an attempt to kill Future Trunks (Youth) and Cabba)
Video game only

Majin Soldiers[]


A Babidi Trooper

Babidi has many foot soldiers called Babidi's Minions[4] under his control, all of the Zoon-seijin race. They posed no threat to any of the Dragon Team. Two of them were eaten by Yakon in the anime, and most of the others were killed by Gohan during his assault with Supreme Kai on Babidi's Spaceship. Since these men were ordered to fight and were located on the level above Babidi's lair and below level three where Dabura and Gohan fought, it can be said they would have been the 4th and final stage fighters before reaching the Sealed Ball, if Gohan had defeated Dabura the first time around.

Those Majin Soldiers appear as common enemies in Babidi's spaceship in Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.


The footsoldiers are extremely weak compared to the Z Fighters, as Gohan killed them with a burst of energy just by powering up in his base form.

Techniques and special abilities
  • Babidi Troopers
  • Babidi Storm Trooper
  • Babidi Special Forces - called Majin Soldiers in Buu's Fury.
    • Majin Shield Soldiers
    • Elite Majin Soldiers
    • Super Majin Soldiers
    • Super Majin Shield Soldiers
  • Babidi Destroyer

Majin Fighters[]

204 20120226-17495788

Spopovich and Yamu, the only two Majin Fighters outside of video games

Majin Fighters are Human-type Earthling martial artists who have been converted through the evil in their hearts over to Babidi's side, they can be empowered into Elite Majin Fighter or Super Majin Fighter.

Notable Majin Fighters

Team Attacks[]

Video Game Appearances[]

Demon mark DBO

The Demon mark in Online

Captain Bacterian's Pirates in Dragon Ball Online share an unknown relation with the Organization of Babidi and the Majin, as the pirates lair as well as their outfits are adorned with the Demon mark "M".


  • The names of Babidi's allies are based on popular magical words. Notably Bibidi, his son Babidi, and his creation Buu's names are a pun on the name of an incantation in the 1950 film Cinderella, "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo".



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