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"Orange? Huh. I couldn't tell. I suppose you could say I've awakened, just like you."
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Orange Piccolo[1] (オレンジ・ピッコロ Orenji Pikkoro)[2] is a powerful transformation that is an evolved form of the Potential Unleashed state used by Piccolo.

Concept and creation

This is Piccolo's first "proper" transformation, due to the Namekian lacking any hair change to denote the transformation he was made muscular and orange.[2]


The symbol of Namekian pride

The symbol on the back of Orange Piccolo's gi is the symbol of pride for the Namekian race. The circle represents Shenron, while the inner orb and connective part represents the Ajisa tree.[3]


Toriyama's art of Orange Piccolo

In this form, Piccolo becomes taller and bulkier, his pupils become red, gains black pigments around his eyes, his skin becomes orange (a dark orange on his arms), his antennae point sharply upward (as opposed to downward like in previous forms and his base form), and he maintains the lack of lines on his arms from his Potential Unleashed state. This form also causes a change to Piccolo's facial features, making his cheekbones more pronounced and his jawline more chiseled. Piccolo also gets the symbol of Namekian pride branded on the back of his gi in white during the transformation, visualized by Shenron forming the circle as the Ajisa tree materializes itself in the circle. The eruption of his ki is so intense it resembles a massive fiery geyser.

In the film it retains the change to Piccolo's belt from red to black, while in artwork of the form by Toriyama it retains the usual red coloration.

Usage and power

Orange Piccolo is an evolved form of Piccolo's Potential Unleashed state and is currently his strongest transformation. The form gives Piccolo power on par with Goku and co.[2]

Orange Piccolo vs. Cell Max

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Piccolo achieved both his Potential Unleashed form as well as this higher-level form thanks to a wish from Shenron to unlock his potential, who grants him the latter as a bonus boost in strength. Though Piccolo's Ultimate form fails to grant him headway against Gamma 2, Orange Piccolo completely turns the tides of battle and knocks Gamma 2 out in one blow. Later, against Cell Max, Piccolo is able to catch the monster's foot when he attempts to stomp on Gamma 2's lifeless body, and thanks to a reminder from Krillin, uses his Great Namekian form in tandem with his Orange form to fight Cell giant-to-giant. Despite being the only one able to put up a fight against Cell Max, Piccolo is eventually bested and severely injured by a barrage of ki, causing him to revert to his Ultimate state and triggering Gohan into entering his Beast form out of rage. Later, Piccolo recovers his Orange Great Namekian form to restrain Cell Max with Demon Hand, giving Gohan the opening to pierce Cell Max's weak point with one last Special Beam Cannon.


  • Great Namekian - Piccolo can utilize his gigantification ability while in his Orange Piccolo form.


  • Piccolo opted for the name "Orange Piccolo" due to not being good at naming things.
  • The transformation's trait of having red eyes resembles the Red-eyed Namekian form.



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