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One Lucky Monkey (猿マネ孫悟空, Saru Mane Son Gokū) is the forty-eighth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. The chapter's anime counterpart is the end portion of the episode "The Grand Finals".


The cover page features Master Roshi, Krillin and Goku riding in a car as Goku points his tongue at the viewer. In the background, there is a dinosaur. The cover is in color and possesses a red-black-brown color palette.


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Goku acts like a crazy dog

Goku’s excited, and asks what kind of attack he’ll use next. Jackie gets pissed, and leaves an afterimage again. Goku looks between the two Jackies, and picks out which one he thinks is real, but that turns out to be a second afterimage, and the real Jackie kicks him from behind into the wall. Jackie calls it Double Zanzōken, since he left two afterimages instead of one.

Goku gets up, though, not very damaged, and tells the shocked Jackie he can do that too. So, Goku leaves two afterimages, and Jackie attacks the third, but that was an afterimage as well. The real Goku comes down from above and pounds Jackie on the back of the head, and says that was his Triple Zanzōken. Jackie’s pissed about him hitting his teacher on the head, and Goku asks what he means. Jackie innocently says that was a misunderstanding, then gets serious again.

Jackie takes an attack stance again, and then starts stumbling around hiccupping. The announces says the contestant Jackie has suddenly become drunk, thinking his sake from earlier must have kicked in. Goku comes over, wondering what’s wrong, and Jackie whacks him over the head. Goku gets pissed and asks what he’s doing, and Jackie nonchalantly turns his back to Goku and kicks him from behind. Yamcha yells out that it’s a trick, he’s using Suiken. Goku says his dead grandpa was great at that.

Goku flies at Jackie with a kick, but Jackie dodges and elbows Goku in the back of the head. Goku punches at Jackie, but Jackie avoids it and knees Goku in the gut. Jackie stumbles around some more, thinking he has this won, and then Goku runs off and starts shaking. Jackie wonders if he’s crying, and then Goku turns around, drooling, with a vicious look on his face. Goku gets on all fours and runs towards Jackie with his fangs out and Jackie ducks, scared. But Goku just jumps over Jackie and kicks him from behind into the wall. Jackie gets up from the rubble and asks what that technique was. Goku tells him it was Kyōken (“Wild Fist”). Jackie yells at him, saying he mixed up the characters and that he was actually using Kyōken (“Mad Dog”).





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