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"One Lucky Monkey" (さるマネそんくう Saru Mane Son Gokū, lit. "Monkey-See, Monkey-Do Son Goku") is the forty-eighth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover page features Master Roshi, Krillin and Goku riding in a car as Goku points his tongue at the viewer. In the background, there are a few dinosaurs. The cover is in color and possesses a red-black-brown color palette.


Goku acts like a crazy dog

The battle between Jackie Chun and Goku continues, with Chun appearing behind the boy and kicking him towards the gate, smashing a part of it in the process. However, Goku remains unscathed, much to the chagrin of Chun. Goku then uses Chun's own technique against him, even surprising him by taking the attack one step farther and appearing above him, allowing him to smash Chun's face to the ground. Chun accuses Goku of disrespecting his master, but quickly covers up the verbal blunder. He then goes back to attacking Goku.

Chun displays a drunken fighting style, which Yamcha recognizes as the Drunken Boxing Technique. He yells to Goku to be careful, but it is to no avail; Chun begins to beat down on the boy. Just as he looks like he is going to pass out, Goku begins acting like a monkey. He viciously attacks Chun, smashing him to gate (as Chun had done earlier to the boy). When asked what technique that was, Goku replies by saying it is the Crazy Monkey Technique.






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