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"One, Two, Yamcha-Cha!" (ヤムチャおそるべし!! Yamucha Osorubeshi!!, lit. "The Fearsome Yamcha!!") is the eighth chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Goku, Bulma, Oolong, Yamcha and Puar. Oolong is shown running in the Diablo Desert and Yamcha are Puar are shown riding the Jet Squirrel.


Yamcha drawing his sword

Yamcha and Puar ride a Jet Squirrel up to Goku and Oolong demanding them to hand over any money or capsules in their possession. Oolong and Puar begin arguing when they realize they went to the same Shapeshifting Academy. Puar tells Yamcha how Oolong used to bully him, and that he had been expelled from the academy for stealing their teacher's panties. But as Yamcha draws his sword and continues to threaten them, Oolong convinces Goku to fight against Yamcha.

Yamcha unleashing his Wolf Fang Fist on Goku

Amidst their fight, Goku uses his Power Pole's ability to hit Yamcha. When Yamcha learns that Goku is the grandson of Gohan, he deems him a worthy adversary and decides to use his Wolf Fang Fist which sends Goku flying against a series of rock columns burying him under rubble.

Yamcha and Bulma meeting for the first time stopping the fight

Thinking Yamcha has won the battle, Oolong prepares to make an escape transforming into a fly but is quickly stopped by Puar who turns into a fly swatter. As he is about to hand away his 'Size M' capsule, Goku emerges from the rubble. Continuing their fight, Goku attacks Yamcha with his Rock, Scissors 'N' Paper but Goku admits he is hungry and no longer has energy to fight. Yamcha charges towards him when he suddenly realizes the presence of Bulma who is waking up from her nap behind a rock. Flustered, he falls over tells Puar to retreat. As they run off, Bulma shows interest in Yamcha and asks Goku and Oolong who that was. Back in their hide-out, still nervous about the encounter, Yamcha explains how he becomes uncontrollably nervous whenever there is a girl present.






Differences from anime

A manga panel being broken from the fight

  • A minor gag involving a manga panel being broken from Yamcha smashing into it after being hit by Goku's Jan-Ken Fist was not shown in the anime because of it being a different form of media.


  • In the VIZBIG edition the word "panties" was changed to "undies".


  • This chapter takes place on September 6, Age 749.
  • This is the first time Goku has been in a fight were he was at a disadvantage.


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