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"Allow me to say only this: It depends on how you use it. To me, this "failure" is far superior to the Super Dragon Balls."
Zahha in Dragon Ball Legends

The Omnificence Crystal (全能の結晶 Zen'nō no Kesshō) is an item introduced in Dragon Ball Legends. It is the prototype of the Super Dragon Balls.


The Omnificence Crystal is an orb with an orange color resembling that of a Dragon Ball. The inside of the orb contains two crystals, one a light blue and another a dark red that move around in a yin-yang pattern. According to Zahha, the Omnificence Crystal is a prototype of a Super Dragon Ball. The crystals that are inside the orb start out as regular rocks, but they will eventually become usable once they receive a certain amount of power, then the halves are combined to create the orb.


Whenever Zahha wishes to use the Omnificence Crystal, the crystal will twinkle, then shine brightly. The Crystal is capable of negating Beerus's Hakai. According to Zahha, the crystal can grant an unlimited number of wishes without a cool down so long as sufficient power is supplied. However, the power in question seems to need to be at a planetary level, as Zahha had Frieza conquer entire planets in order to continue powering it.



Main article: Dragon Ball LegendsSometime before the main story of Dragon Ball Legends, Zahha would encounter Shallot and Giblet and implant the halves inside their bodies and erase their memories. Throughout the Main Story, the battles that Shallot would go through would fuel the power of the half implanted inside him, and it would only gain enough power once Shallot and Giblet had their final fight.

Dragon Ball Legends

Part 10: The Enemy Steps Forward...

After Shallot and Giblet's intense battle, Zahha would appear and betray Shallot by stabbing him. He would then call upon the orbs he implanted inside Shallot and Giblet's bodies and combine the two to create the Omnificence Crystal. Zahha would then boast about the orb's power. During Goku and Gohan's fight with Goku Black and Zamasu, Goku revealed that the plan was a diversion, and Beerus would appear and use the Hakai on Zahha, seemingly erasing him. However, Zahha would emerge unscathed from the technique, to the shock of everyone present. Goku, Beerus, and Gohan would then unleash a combined energy blast to Zahha, but the swordsman would once again come out unscathed. Beerus would then correctly deduce that Zahha used the Omnificence Crystal to nullify their attacks. Zahha would state that when the Omnificence Crystal first came into his possession, it was just a rock, but he placed the halves inside Shallot and Giblet, forcing them into conflict, effectively making the Saiyan twins vessels until the crystal was ready to be used. When asked why he wouldn't just use the Super Dragon Balls, Zahha would claim that the Omnificence Crystal, when used properly, is far superior to the Super Dragon Balls.

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