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Old Woman Spring is an old lady that works at the cigarette store[1] in Penguin Village.


Dr. Slump[]

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The old woman singing the Ultraman theme in the Dr. Slump manga

The Old Woman Spring first appears in "1980: Living for Tomorrow!", when spring arrives at Penguin Village. She asks for Gyaosu's microphone to sing in "Barber Shop Panic: Part 1". She is seen in her shop when Arale Norimaki asks her if she sells bra in "W:c:Drslump:Arale Goes on an Errand". The Old Woman Spring sells cigarettes to Kinoko Sarada in "Kinoko on the Loose", thinking it is for the little girl's parents. She also appears in the chapter "Leave It to Akiko".

The Old Woman Spring is seen cheering for Taro Soramame, a well-known cigarette consumer, in "Penguin Gran Prix, Part 2".

Dragon Ball[]

Red Ribbon Army Saga[]

Old woman spring dragonball

Old Woman Spring in Dragon Ball

Goku asks Old Woman Spring if she has seen General Blue, but she shakes her head to say no.

Video Game Appearances[]


  • Old Woman Spring was voted the 11th Dumbest character and 13th Coolest character in the "I'm Number One!" Contest held in Dr. Slump volume 8.
  • The old woman who found Piccolo Jr.'s egg in "Lost and Found" looks like Old Woman Spring.


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