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The Old Witch was an old woman who lived in the Other World and accidentally fused with an Eastern Supreme Kai from 15 generations prior to become Old Kai. Her name or position in Other World is unknown.


The Old Witch obviously appears to be quite old, having very wrinkly skin and only having two teeth left. She has very long purple hair similar to Kibito's. She also wears a large black pointed hat or wizards hat with a red bow tie, as well as a long black dress with a pink ribbon tying it together along with a pink undershirt or dress underneath. She also appears to be wearing a matching set of black shoes or boots to her dress.



The Old Witch with the Supreme Kai

The Old Witch is a little pushy and, according to Old Kai, she has a greedy personality. One day, she saw the then-youthful Supreme Kai's Potara Earrings and took one of them without asking, saying "They would look so much better on me" and put one on. Her greed caused her to be accidentally fused with the now Old Kai forever.

Special powers

  • Unlock Ability – After a long and even bizarre ritual (whose length depend of how much power the person in question has to be unlocked), the Old Witch is capable of bringing out the full potential of any person that she wants.
  • Magic Materialization – The Old Witch can conjure a Crystal Ball, a highly useful device to monitor something that happens with another creature.
  • Divination – Through her Crystal Ball, she would be able to see whatever she wants across space and time.

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