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Okakaume-seijin (オカカウメ星人 Okakaume-seijin, lit. "People from Planet Okakaume") are an extraterrestrial race.


The Okakaume-seijin resemble Human-type Earthlings though shorter in stature. They apparently have extremely long life spans compared to most humans as Sourman reveals hadn't seen his brother Syoppaman for 320 years before they encounter one another on Earth.

Their homeworld Okakaume-boshi is described as a planet of superheroes though Sourman himself is a noted coward and has neither a sense of justice nor superpowers caring only about his reputation as a hero.


"Super Saiyan"

Main article: Super Saiyan

Sourman transforming into his "Super Saiyan" form

Sourman possesses the ability to transform into a form identical to the Super Saiyan transformation, though it apparently lacks the latter's immense power as Sourman was crushed when he failed to stop a runaway Ferris wheel while in said form. Due to the spoofing nature of the transformation itself, it is unknown if other Okakaume-seijin are capable of this transformation as well or if it was just a gag transformation.


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