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The New Gadget Super Lovers

Oh!! New Gadget Super Lovers is a manga created by Naho Ooishi and published in V-Jump since September 2008.


It features a group who parody the Ginyu Force. Each issue, they review a gadget or a toy with a way that makes it a parody of Dragon Ball. They originally presented and talked about Dragon Ball Kai merchandise, before extending their reviews to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods merchandise, as well as Chouzenshuu and Dragon Ball: A Visual History books. Several techniques and characters from the original Dragon Ball manga make cameo appearances in Oh!! New Gadget Super Lovers, such as Great Ape, Power Ball, Oolong, Kamehameha, Attack Ball, Electric Rice Cooker, Evil Containment Wave, Giru, Special Beam Cannon, Buyon, Drum, Tambourine, King Chappa, Cymbal, Vegeta, Dirty Fireworks, Gatchan, Captain Yellow, Bulma, Nappa, Tien Shinhan, Master Roshi, Krillin, Goku, etc.



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