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Octopapa, referred to simply as Giant Octopus (大ダコ Dai Dako) in Japanese version, is a giant, talking octopus that lived in the Pirate Cave.


Dragon Ball[]

General Blue Saga[]


Octopapa holding Goku so as to eat him

Goku first encounters Octopapa in the Pirate Cave, due to General Blue misdirecting him by drawing an arrow pointing the opposite direction that Krillin and Bulma went in. Octopapa attempts to eat Goku (who mistakes the octopus for a squid), stating that Goku is his first catch in a long time. Octopapa thrashes Goku around the cave, ramming him into some rocks, but Goku ends up attacking Octopapa with a Kamehameha, frying the octopus and eating one of his tentacles afterwards.


Boiled Octopus Robo[]

Mecha octo

Cyborg Octopapa

In Dragon Ball Online, Octopapa is resurrected by the Time Breakers as a powerful cyborg known as the Boiled Octopus Robo (ユデタコンロボ Yudetakonrobo).

Video Game Appearances[]


Octopapa as a Time Breaker in Dragon Ball Online

In Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen, Origins 2, and Shōnen-hen, Octopapa is a boss.

In Revenge of King Piccolo, Octopapa appears during the boss battle against General Blue and is hypnotized to attack Goku. Octopapa attacks with his tentacles and by blowing bubbles at the opponent. He is a boss by himself in Dragon Ball: Origins 2, where he attacks with one of his tentacles and causes rockfalls.

In Origins 2 bonus level 3-6, Bulma goes in the underwater cave alone to find the octopus, because it contains a nutrient that make the skin beautiful.

In Attack of the Saiyans, Octopapa is named Giant Octopus and guards the Five-Star Dragon Ball in the Pirate Cave. Goku comments that he is a squid to which Octapapa replies: "Why do I feel like I've had this conversation before?", referencing his first encounter with Goku. He also reveals that he was told to guard the Dragon Ball by the Red Ribbon Army.

In Dragon Ball Online, Octopapa was turned into a cyborg by the Time Breakers and put in charge of a cave, near the location of Cell-X.

Voice Actors[]


  • Octopapa seemingly does not need to use his mouth to talk as shown in "The Pirate Treasure" when Goku attempts to clog his mouth with a rock, but Octopapa explains the boulder is not in his mouth but his nose. While explaining this, his mouth is shown, but it is not moving.
  • In the English dub, Goku instead mistakes Octopapa for a spider.



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