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Octo are a squid-looking race that are from the planet Octo. They make a small appearance in the Dragon Ball manga and Jaco the Galactic Patrolman and a more major one in Sachie-chan Guu!! .


Dragon Ball Z


An octo in otherworld

In the Dragon Ball manga, an octo is shown in the Other World when Goku telepathically communicates with his family thanks to King Kai.

Galactic Patrol series

The Galactic King shown in the third chapter of Jaco the Galactic Patrolman and Dragon Ball Minus is an octo. The Galactic King is also mentioned in Jiya, and the race is a main focus in Sachi-chan Gū!!

Dragon Ball Super


Galatic King at the Tournament of Destroyers in Dragon Ball Super

The Galactic King appears during the Universe 6 Saga as he and Jaco accompany Team Universe 7 and their supporters to the Tournament of Destroyers on the Nameless Planet which he observes as a spectator. The Galactic King even helps out when he identifies Hit's ability to utilize Time-Skip and explains it to Goku and his friends. He wisely decides to ignore Hit's use of the technique which is considered a violation of the galactic laws of Universe 7 governing the manipulation of time (which include Time Travel and Time Machines as well as abilities like Time-Skip). After the Tournament of Destroyers is complete, Goku flies up to the spectator section to meet his companions, although his shoulder experiences a sharp crack of pain, prompting the Galactic King to question his well-being. Goku thanks him for informing him about Hit's Time-Skip, and shakes what he thinks is the Galactic King's hand. Jaco is aghast at the "handshake", and a blushing Galactic King reveals that Goku accidentally grabbed his private part instead, causing Goku to let go shockingly and wipe his hands off on his gi, much to the amusement of those watching.


  • The Octo's look very similar to the Martians in another in-universe Akira Toriyama work called Go! Go! Ackman.
  • The Octo's design looks similar to the Dragon Quest franchise's design for the Healslime, another monster designed by Toriyama.
  • In Dragon Ball Super, it is revealed that one of the Galactic King's tentacles that Goku thought was one of his tentacled arms was actually his "privates" which Goku inadvertently shook when he tried to give the Galactic King a handshake. The Galactic King was noticeably embarrassed by this though he realized that Goku had grabbed it by mistake unaware of its true function and was not angry about it.
  • The octos are nearly identical to the Martians from the game Metal Slug.



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