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Oatmeel (オートミル Ōtomiru) is a mysterious character[2] in Dragon Ball Super who supports Granolah.


Not much is known about Oatmeel, but he is capable at providing Granolah with information. He also seems to be more level-headed and reads situations better than Granolah, especially when it comes to the Saiyans, as while Granolah was hellbent on exacting vengeance for his people, Oatmeel listened to what both Goku and Vegeta had to say and came to the correct conclusion that they were not acting on Frieza's behalf nor liked the tyrant in the slightest.


Dragon Ball Super

Granolah the Survivor Saga

Main article: Granolah the Survivor Saga Oatmeel helps Granolah tracks down Goichi's ship to a remote corner of the universe far from Earth to find OG73-i and deliver him to the Heeters. Oatmeel warns Granolah to be careful, as they don't how many enemies are on board. Granolah understands and asks Oatmeel to prepare to provide him support. When Granolah battles all of Goichi's OG Soldiers, Oatmeel scans them all and informs Granolah that none of them are the target which are then destroyed. After making his way to a room full of OG Soldiers, Oatmeel informs Granolah that Seven-Three is the OG Soldier inside of a Medical Machine in the center. This causes Granolah to crack a smile as he takes Seven-Three and heavily damages Goichi's ship, preventing them from following his own ship.

When Granolah wakes up screaming, Oatmeel asks Granolah if he had that dream again, and Granolah confirms. He hastily checks on Seven-Three, but Oatmeel tells him that the android is in stable condition. Granolah asks if they have been followed, but Oatmeel reassures him that Goichi and his followers couldn't follow them after the destruction he caused on their ship. Oatmeel says that it will take a while to reach the Heeter's Base and suggests that Granolah goes into cold sleep (a form of suspended animation), but he declines, insisting that he is wide awake now. Oatmeel asks if he still despises the Frieza Force and Granolah says he does. Oatmeel says that Frieza died several years ago and the remnants of his army are but a shadow of their former glory, but he can't understand why Granolah is still obsessed and insists that he move on. Granolah says that he should try, since it was the apes in Frieza's army that slaughtered his fellow Cerealians and, apparently, they were wiped out by a giant meteor shortly afterwards (Unaware, that this was a lie fabricated by Frieza). Granolah says that he lost both the targets for his revenge, but can't understand why he is still plagued with nightmares. Oatmeel asks if he's referring to the Saiyans and Granolah confirms it.

After handing over Seven-Three and learning of Frieza's revival, Oatmeel asks Granolah to explain himself as he doesn't usually let Elec get the last word. Granolah angrily curses Frieza and vows to exact his vengeance by personally killing the tyrant. Oatmeel insists that he remain calm and suggests that he treat himself with his earnings. In their ship, Oatmeel tells Granolah to rest up as it will take two days to reach Cereal. Suddenly, they are attacked by Soshiru, who gathered his allies to rob him of his bounty. Granolah lands his ship on a nearby asteroid to hide from his pursuers. However, the bounty hunters follow him and search his ship. He lures the group to the cockpit by speaking through his eyepatch and incapacitates most of Soshiru's allies by sniping them with his ray gun. Soshiru is shocked that Granolah can snipe without his goggles, and Oatmeel explains that the Cerealian's right eyes are especially adapted to sniping, and Granolah's abilities are superior to the others. Granolah holsters his gun and threatens to kill Soshiru with a Finger Beam. The bounty hunter surrenders and apologizes, and gives Granolah his pocket change, before leaving with his allies. Granolah returns to his ship and puts his eyepatch back on, with Oatmeel praising his sniping abilities. Granolah downplays this, acknowledging that he missed one of Soshiru's men. Granolah admits that he isn't strong enough to defeat Frieza, and must gain more power than anyone to avenge the Cerealian race.

When Granolah destroyed a boulder with his newfound power after using the Cereal Dragon Balls, Oatmeel wondered what technique Granolah used. While Granolah waits for Elec to contact him, Oatmeel asks if Monaito will be alright on his own. Granolah assures them that he can watch the elder Namekian with his right eye which became stronger due to his wish, surprising Oatmeel. When Vegeta mentioned how he is no longer part of Frieza's army, Oatmeel points out that Goku was also insistent that he was no evildoer. However, Granolah is adamant that he will have his revenge against all Saiyans, regardless of their personal involvement in his peoples' destruction.

When Ultra Ego Vegeta initially overwhelms Granolah and reveals that Frieza also eliminated the Saiyans, Granolah is stubbornly set on achieving his own personal revenge, even if Vegeta is telling the truth. Oatmeel attempts to convince him otherwise, providing the evidence that the Saiyans were just as much victims of Frieza's rule as the Cerealians and that both Goku and Vegeta were unaware of the Cerealians' demise, but Granolah refuses to listen and discards his eyepatch, much to Oatmeel's irritation. Oatmeel later calls Granolah's ship to use its tractor beam to levitate the eyepatch into the ship before taking off in it. Oatmeel used the ship to bring Monaito to the fight and stopped the event, Oatmeel stayed on the ship until the Heeters finally arrived. Gas in a older state unleashes a finger beam ray that cut the ship in half, luckily Oatmeel was spared, and Monaito retrieved him to give to Granaloh, who still hold a grudge for discarding him away earlier, Granaloh and Oatmeel reconcile in time to face Gas.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Aim Assist - Through the eyepatch Granolah wears, Oatmeel is able to improve his already incredible aim.
  • Spaceship Control - Oatmeel is capable of taking manual control over Granolah's ship.
    • Hikou - Oatmeel has Granolah's ship fly.
  • Vocal Mimicry- Oatmeel is able to mimic Granolah's voice to trick Soshiru.

Forms and Transformations

Robot body

Oatmeel's robot body

Oatmeel has a robot body he can use when not being used as a simple eyepiece.


  • Oatmeel's name is a pun on "oatmeal", a breakfast meal.


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