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Nova Death Ray is a fire-based energy wave used by Nuova Shenron.


Nuova forms a lens that can absorb heat from the sun in front of his hands, and then shoots a lethal ray of fire at the opponent. Because this attack gets it power from the sun, it does not run out of energy.

While in his first form, Nuova Shenron uses this attack twice against Goku. He also fires a lower powered version of this attack to Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta's face as a diversion during the battle against Omega Shenron; when Nuova pretended to be under Omega Shenron's control, he shouts "Nova Star" in the Original Japanese version, although this time the attack was used in a "lens" fashion. In the English dub, the "Lens" version is given the name "Nova Death Ray" as opposed to "Nova Star" for the flaming energy ball.


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