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Note (ノート Nōto), the Saiyan Heroine (ヒーロー), is a Earthling who utilizes the advanced time travel technology of the Dragon Ball Heroes machines, allowing her to become a Saiyan.[2]

The Saiyan Heroine is a playable Saiyan avatar in Dragon Ball Heroes.


The Heroine is similar to Pan in appearance, with a ponytail and bow wearing the Saiyan Hero's style outfit. For her first outfit, she wears a red and yellow Saiyan Hero outfit that exposes her midriff and navel.

In World Mission, she wears a yellow version of the Dragon Ball Heroes team jacket in her natural Earthling form.


In World Mission, Note is a experienced SDBH player who is both confident and competitive. While she looks up to Great Saiyaman 3 as do most inhabitants of Hero Town whom she respectively calls Master, she is quick to admonish him for being late to meeting her and his new recruit Beat in the Hero Lab. She is also good at persuading people with logical arguments such as when she convinces the Hero Master to let her fight Beat as she pointed out that it would be a good team building exercise for both of them as they would be able to learn each others play style, strengths, and weaknesses.

As a SDBH player, she is familiar with the official history featured within the game and recognizes when it has been altered. Like Beat, she is excited by the prospect of meeting the game world versions of Goku and other characters, to the point of becoming starstruck at times though she is able to focus on the task at hand and is determined to protect the game world from the anomalies created by "the menace".

Her overconfidence can get the better of her and will mock others when she believes she and her allies have the upperhand such as when she, Beat, Minotia, and Tapion defeat Hoi, Dabura, Pui Pui, Spopovich, and Yamu as she was quick to prematurely declare that they would defeat the Demon King Dabura.

"This might not be the most "Time Patroller" thing to say, but I kinda liked this anomaly. It gave us a glimpse into a GOOD future for once."
Note's her personal feelings on the anomaly that lead to Minotia surviving in World Mission

However though she recognizes she shouldn't as a Time Patroller, she can't help but enjoy seeing anomalous timelines where something good happens such as Minotia surviving to live in peace with his brother after helping them defeat and kill Hirudegarn as she knows in the original timeline Hirudegarn's lower half kills Minotia when it escaped. Seeing Minotia alive and able to live in peace with Tapion is so emotionally touching she cries though is quick to deny it when Beat notices and after the brothers leave she is unable to find the words to tell him why though Great Saiyaman 3 is able to figure it out and explain it causing her to admit she couldn't help but be happy to see it despite knowing it conflicts with the original history of the game world.


Victory Mission

Main article: Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission


Note in Victory Mission

In the Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission manga, Note meets Beat after the latter is defeated by Baby Vegeta. It is said that she is ranked 3rd in the country, and aims to be the "Strongest Hero", just like Beat. Shortly later, she has a friendly Dragon Ball Heroes battle with Beat. She has Super Baby Vegeta, Super Baby Vegeta 2, Pan, and Android 18 with her, while Beat has Cooler, Frieza, GT Super Saiyan Vegeta, Super Saiyan 4 Goku and the robot with him. Beat wins thanks to his Super Saiyan 4 Goku card. After learning from Sora that Beat has never been a contestant in a Dragon Ball Heroes tournament, Note brings him to the Satan Mall, and in the Heroes Stadium. A tournament begins, and Beat wins his match against Yoshito-kun. They soon meet Erito, who also won his match. When Beat wins his match and moves on to the final of the tournament, Note berates Beat because his Charge Impact is too weak. After the final, Note and Forte say it is too bad Beat lost but his opponent was a battle machine with no emotion whatsoever (Beat reflects to himself that it is not true: she saw him smile). Since she is there, Forte challenges Note to a duel. They go against each other until their machine is accidentally unplugged by Froze, who is being pushed around by a pair of bullies making fun of his devotion to his cards. Beat, Note, and Forte intervene, stepping in to take on the bullies and wipe the floor with them.

In another tournament, Note defeats her opponent Poko in the first round, and is then put against the Android Elite Nico for the second round.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Dragon Ball Heroes


The DBH Heroine in the game

With the boy hero, she uses a Time Machine and entered in Frieza's Spaceship to fight Frieza's soldiers while Super Saiyan Goku was confronting Frieza. She is shown to be able to hold her own against opponents such as Frieza's soldiers. She performs the Kamehameha in the trailer she was introduced. In the game, she is able to transform into a Super Saiyan, and uses the Spirit Sword.


Super Saiyan Heroine (GM alternative outfit)

In the eleventh trailer, roots of the Tree of Might have invaded a city on the coast. While flying above the city, Saiyan Heroine along with Goku, Gohan, and the robot in attack mode meet Turles in mid-air. Turles snaps his fingers, and the Turles Crusher Corps. appears behind him. While the girl fights with Daiz, Gohan battles Rasin and Lakasei, the robot battles Cacao, and Goku fights with Amond. When Goku blasts Cacao away, Turles appears in front of him, holding Gohan by the head, making him look at his Power Ball and transform into a Great Ape. The end of the trailer shows the Saiyan Heroine turning Super Saiyan to face the Great Ape.


The Heroine powers up and flies to attack Frieza's soldiers

In the thirteenth trailer (GM6 trailer), along with Goku and the robot in attack mode, the Heroine joins the Hero above Planet Vegeta while Bardock faces Frieza and his soldiers. She then flies and attacks the soldiers, soon followed by Goku. She defeats a few before one of the soldiers hits her with an Energy Wave. Goku catches her while she falls down, and then Dodoria appears on their way. The robot fires his missiles at Dodoria, which allows Goku and the Heroine to flee while the Hero defeats Dodoria, Zarbon, and fires a Super Kamehameha at Frieza's Supernova with Bardock's Riot Javelin.

In the seventeenth promotional trailer for Dragon Ball Heroes (JM1 trailer), she, Genome, Kagyu, and Salaga appear with Super Saiyan 4 Goku to help Gotenks, the Saiyan Hero, Kabra, the Frieza Clan Berserker, and the Android Elite in fighting Oceanus Shenron.

Ultimate Mission


The Heroine kicks Majin Buu

In the Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission animation, Note, Kabra, and Tsumuri face Cell and Majin Buu. While the Majin and Namekian Heroes take on Cell, the Heroine fights with Majin Buu. She kicks Majin Buu to the ground, and then the Hero flies to her. When Legendary Super Saiyan Broly appears, the Heroine and the Saiyan Hero try to take him on, but Broly quickly knocks them to the ground. Goku appears to save the kids from Broly's Eraser Cannons and then, the three turn Super Saiyan and charge Multiple Kamehamehas to struggle with Broly's Gigantic Omega.

World Mission & Dokkan Battle

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission and the Story Event based on it from Dokkan Battle, Note is an experienced Super Dragon Ball Heroes player who is recruited by Great Saiyaman 3 to join his team the Dragon Ball Heroes. The Note that appears in World Mission is a resident of Hero Town.

Chapter 1, Sub Chapter 1 - My Thrilling First Battle

During a cutscene, Note is shown walking into the Hero Town Stadium where she plays a Super Dragon Ball Heroes battle against Froze which Beat watches on a video monitor on the Hero Tower. After Great Saiyaman 3 recruits Beat a talented newbie player who recently moved to Hero Town, she encounters Beat when he visits the Hero Lab. She refers to Great Saiyaman 3 as Master, which confuses Beat who explains about being recruited by Great Saiyaman 3, causing her to explain that most people in Hero Town call him the Hero Master which sometimes further shortened to just Master.

Eventually Great Saiyaman 3 arrives and explains that he has recruited both of them to enter the game world using Hero Switches to investigate any anomalies that occur. Beat is given a red version of the team's jacket like the yellow one that Note wears. However Note wants to fight Beat after learning he is a newbie yet talented enough for Great Saiyaman 3 to consider recruiting him. Though Great Saiyaman 3 protests at first, she convinces him it would be a good way for her and Beat to get to know each other.

Chapter 1, Sub Chapter 2 - Dragon Ball Heroes

In the game world, Beat and Note find themselves at Gizard Wasteland, before noticing they have taken the form of their respective Avaters, with Note's being a Hero Type Female Saiyan. Note points out their location is where Goku and Vegeta fought and she is excited to be able to visit it in person and Beat agrees as they both are looking forward to meeting Goku and other famous characters in the game. However before they begin their investigation, they fight as Note wanted them to. Beat manages to defeat Note, but she rallies and physical attacks him leading to another round of battle. However Beat wins this second battle and Note is forced to concede due to being hurt and exhausted due to being present inside the game world as opposed to the normal gameplay she is used to while Beat is so excited that his adrenaline rush nullifies his pain and prevents him from becoming exhausted (additionally Beat can utilize Ki to guard Ki Blasts outside of the game world indicating he is physically stronger than Note outside the game and as a result physical activity in-game doesn't effect him as badly). After noticing Note's condition, Beat apologizes for getting too amped up. Completing this Sub Chapter unlocks Note as a playable ally and makes her Chapter 1 Side Story available.

Chapter 1, Side Story - Note's Adventure

After Beat had acquired the UM1-35 Caulifla and UM1-36 via the Gacha Shop, Note's Side Story can be played. Note is sent into the game by Great Saiyaman 3 for further training but she finds herself near the Tree of Might. Great Saiyaman 3 reveals she shouldn't be there as he sent her to a safe place to train, causing Note to conclude it is the result of another anomaly and since it will take some time for her team to reach her, it is up to her to investigate the anomaly solo.

She finds Xeno Turles fused with a Dark Dragon Ball leading the Turles Crusher Corps. who have recruited Caulifla and Kale to protect the Tree of Might, promising to share its fruit with them as payment for defending the tree. Note is tasked with convincing the two that Xeno Turles is lying about the fruit increasing the consumer's power (as Caulifla might not be swayed by moral arguments against eating fruit). However Caulifla recognizing Note is a Saiyan (due to her taking the form of her Avatar) she requests Note fight her and Kale which Note agrees to in order to convince her she's telling the truth. The player is forced to play as Note during the Side Story though they can use any of her available decks to fight Caulifla and Kale with. She manages to defeat them convincing the pair that Xeno Turles is lying. The Crusher Corps. return and find that the girls have betrayed them. Xeno Turles transforms into his Rampaging form by eating the Fruit of the Tree of Might which Great Saiyaman 3 attributes to the anomaly. Rampaging Xeno Turles theb attacks the girls along with the Crusher Corps. though Note defeats them. However Rampaging Xeno Turles recovers due to the anomaly though this time he is completely out of control and attacks mindlessly. However Note manages to defeat him once more. Caulifla and Kale bid Note farwell and Caulifla says they'll be stronger next time and hopes Note will be too the next time they meet.

Unbeknownst to Note, Caulifla, and Kale, the Demigra and the other Demon Gods of the Dark Empire had been watching the battle and are planning to use the anomiles to their advantage.



The Heroine attacks Krillin with Energy Flash Dragon Ball Heroes

  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Kiai – An invisible wave of ki emitted from the palms. Used against one of Frieza's soldiers in the third trailer for Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of Energy Wave.
    • Energy Flash - The Saiyan Heroine's default Super Attack is a energy wave fired from her palms at point-blank range.
  • Kamehameha – The signature energy wave of the Turtle School invented by Master Roshi.
    • Super Kamehameha - A stronger version of the Kamehameha invented by Goku while training under Kami. One of Note's learnable Super Attacks in World Mission.
    • God Kamehameha - A stronger version of the Kamehameha used by Goku in his Super Saiyan God and Super Saiyan Blue forms. One of Note's learnable Super Attacks which she can learn after reaching Bond Lvl 49 in World Mission.
    • Multiple Kamehameha – Used in the third trailer for Dragon Ball Heroes, as well as in the opening animation for Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission.
    • Friend Kamehameha - Beat and Note's Kamehameha combination.
  • Galick Gun - A Kamehameha-like Energy Wave used by members of the House of Vegeta. One of Note's learnable Super Attacks in World Mission.
  • Big Bang Attack - A powerful Energy Sphere used by Vegeta. One of Note's learnable Super Attacks in World Mission.
  • Gigantic Meteor - A powerful Energy Sphere technique originally used by Broly. One of Note's learnable Super Attacks in World Mission.
  • Spirit Bomb – The Heroine can perform a Spirit Bomb in combination with Goku.
  • Spirit Sword - The ability to create a sword made of ki.
  • Power Up - The ability to concentrate a person's power.
  • Dragon Dash - The ability to fly faster while producing an aura.

Super Saiyan

Main article: Super Saiyan

Female SSJ

Super Saiyan Note

Note also uses this form in Victory Mission during several of her battles.

The Saiyan Heroine can become a Super Saiyan, as shown in multiple different trailers for Dragon Ball Heroes. She is playable in this form in-game.

Super Saiyan 2

Main articles: Class-up and Super Saiyan 2


Super Saiyan 2 Note

In Victory Mission, Note uses the Super Saiyan 2 form alongside Forte during their battle with Nico.

After using the Class-up, the Saiyan Heroine can become a Super Saiyan 2 in Dragon Ball Heroes

In World Mission, the Female Saiyan Avatar must be in either Super Class or Ultimate Class to unlock Super Saiyan 2 by making a wish to Super Shenron after having acquired Super Saiyan via a previous wish (the transformation is retained if the player switches to a different race and switches back to using Female Saiyan Race Avatar though they must be in either Super or Ultimate Class to use it which requires the player to class up again as switching races resets there class. However as a Playable Ally, Note acquires Super Saiyan 2 after her Bond Level reaches Lvl 27 after she has upgraded to Super Class which is unlocked beforehand at Lvl 20. She can continue to use it after upgrading to Ultimate Class at Lvl 30.

In the game, Note in Super Saiyan 2 Ultimate Class, she works well with Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Halo), Super Saiyan Bardock, Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta, Super Saiyan 3 Trunks (Adult), Super Saiyan 3 Gohan (Adult), and Super Saiyan GT Goten.

She uses Super Saiyan 2 in several battles in Ultimate Class during World Mission on the Nintendo Switch.

Super Saiyan 3

Main articles: Super Class-up, Ultimate Class-up, and Super Saiyan 3


Super Saiyan 3 Note

After using the Super Class-up in Victory Mission, Note uses the Super Saiyan 3 form during her battle with Nico and Naturon Shenron.

After using the Super Class-up, the Saiyan Heroine can become a Super Saiyan 3 in Dragon Ball Heroes.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Super Class-up is renamed Ultimate Class as Class-up is named Super Class-up in World Mission.

Super Saiyan God

Main articles: God Class-up and Super Saiyan God

Img play 05 04

Note, Viola, and Forte in their Super Saiyan God forms

After using the God Class-up, the Saiyan Heroine can become a Super Saiyan God in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Super Saiyan Blue

Main articles: Super God Class-up and Super Saiyan Blue

Super Saiyan Blue Note SDBH

The Saiyan Heroine gained the ability to become a Super Saiyan Blue in Super Dragon Ball Heroes. The class-up required for this transformation is the Super God Class-up.

  • Hero Switch - A bracelet shaped device invented by Leggings of the Capsule Corporation that allows a person to physically enter the virtual game world of Super Dragon Ball Heroes by having them take on the form of their Hero Avatar. It allows Note to become a Hero Type Saiyan Female in World Mission.

Video Game Appearances

Note appears as a playable ally character in World Mission . She also appears as an enemy in Story Mode Chapter 1 in "Sub Chapter 2: Dragon Ball Heroes" where she challenges her new Dragon Ball Heroes teammate Beat (the main protagonist who's name and Avatar can be chosen by the player) to a fight so they can get to know each other better. She must be defeated in two separate battles.

After she becomes a playable ally character, the player can select her during certain Story Mode battles where she's selectable. Like in other Dragon Ball Heroes games, she uses a Female Saiyan Hero as her Avatar. Her decks are preset meaning they cannot be changed though this allows the player to use her Avatar and the cards in her decks in Story Mode Battles. She also has her own special Side Story where only her Avatar and Deck can be used. Like with all playable Allies, increasing her Bond Level allows her to level up to acquire new moves, forms, abilities, and upgrade her Avatar's Class. It should be noted that the player can also select Female Saiyan as the race for Beat's Avatar (the Saiyan Race is separated by gender) thus Note's Avatar isn't exclusive to her.

In Dokkan Battle, she appears as a NPC in the Story Event "Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission" which partially adapts the story of World Mission.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese - Yuki Matsuoka (松岡由貴)


  • She and the other female Saiyan avatars appear under the name Note (ノート), which is the English translation of the musical object, in the Hero Road mode of the game, and the Saiyan Heroine only also appears under this name in the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission.
  • She is the first female Saiyan to achieve Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan God, and Super Saiyan Blue. However, she does not appear in the mainstream Dragon Ball series.
    • In the main series, Caulifla is the first female Saiyan to achieve Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. Additionally Kale is the first female Saiyan to achieve the Legendary Super Saiyan form.
    • Fittingly Note teams up with Caulifla and Kale in her World Mission Side Story which may be in reference to Note being the first female Saiyan to achieve the form in other media outside the main series before Caulifla and Kale were introduced in the Dragon Ball Super manga and anime.
    • Unlike Caulifla and Kale who are native to Universe 6, Note's Hero Avatar is a Universe 7 Saiyan Female as she has a tail which Female Saiyans of Universe 6 lack due to the race being more evolved than their Universe 7 counterparts. However as her Avatar lacks a Great Ape form, she is unable to transform into a Great Ape or Golden Great Ape.



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