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Northern Wastelands[1] is a location on Earth that is King Cold's spaceship landing site. It is located north of West City, and southwest of Mutaito's Training Grounds. It is also where Goku lands in a Ginyu Force Attack Ball, at point 18220 of 573, and where he finds the One-Star Dragon Ball during the Cell Games Saga.[1]


Goku DBZ Ep 173 002

The Dragon Ball in the desert

The Dragon Team regroup there in Age 764, after they sensed Frieza heading towards Earth, along with another high power level. When Frieza and King Cold land here, they are confronted by a mysterious youth, who easily destroys Frieza, King Cold, and King Cold's soldiers. A few hours later, Goku lands on the Northern Wastelands too, and Future Trunks tells him about the Red Ribbon Androids.

Video Game Appearances

Northern Wastelands was named in Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku II. Enemies encountered here are the Tiger Bandit Gang and ladybugs, as well as a Ninja Clan and a Mercenary Clan later in the game. Northern Wastelands is also where Goku finds the One-Star Dragon Ball right before the Cell Games.


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