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Nok (ノック Nokku) is a contestant who participates in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament.


Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu Saga

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Nok is a contestant in the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament. In the first round of the tournament, Nok is set to fight Vegeta. During the warming up, Nok comes up to Vegeta and tells him about how he will lose, that Vegeta is an old man and so on. So Vegeta, without even turning around, lightly backhands the young punk and sends him flying across the arena and into a wall. Nok "forfeits" the match (Vegeta convinced the officials that Nok was forfeiting the match, even though Nok never said that)[1] and was carried off in a stretcher by the medics. The rest of the Dragon Team were amused, Bulla was impressed with Vegeta's strength, and Bulma was upset that Vegeta had to act so soon to do so, preferring that he at least wait until they actually faced up.

Due to an error in the next episode, Nok seemed to be back in the match unscathed due to one of the officials trying to stop him and Captain Chicken from leaving the premises (Captain Chicken and, ironically, Nok, got fearful of Uub's power when Uub was fighting Goku, the irony being that he contributed to Uub's ring fright). He then managed to escape alongside Captain Chicken, explaining that he had to go on a bathroom break.

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  • Nok's name is a pun on the word "knock".


  1. Dragon Ball Z episode 275 "Buu's Reincarnation": "Tell the officials that my opponent has decided to forfeit" - Vegeta, after knocking out Nok

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