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"No Worries Here" (くうゆう!?やすんでとうセルゲーム Gokū no Yoyū!? Yasunde Matō Seru Gēmu, lit. "Goku's Composure?! Just Rest and Wait for the Cell Games") is the fourth episode of the Cell Games Saga and the one hundred sixty-ninth overall episode in the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. This episode first aired in Japan on December 16, 1992. Its original American airdate was November 15, 2000.


Astonished, Piccolo questions Goku about his decision to train outside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Goku then says to Vegeta that he is much more powerful than Vegeta is. Goku and Gohan then leave the angry Vegeta to visit Korin and Yajirobe. Yajirobe now exclaims that he will not help them fight in the Cell Games, but Goku says he just wanted to ask them if they know how strong Cell really is. Korin reveals the inevitable; Cell is holding back his true power. Goku next wants Korin to evaluate his power and compare it to Perfect Cell’s true power to see how he stands up to him.

Goku channeling his power for Korin

Meanwhile, Piccolo, Vegeta, Tien Shinhan and Future Trunks converse about how Goku and Gohan looked differently when they had come out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Vegeta hypothesizes that Goku had been able to stay in a Super Saiyan state while in their normal lives. They then use the energy they saved by not having to transform in battle as more stamina, and reach higher levels if needed.

Vegeta thinks about how Kakarot always surpassed him in strength

Goku powers up in front of Korin, almost destroying Korin Tower in the process. Blindly estimating, Korin says that Perfect Cell is still more powerful than Goku is. Goku and Gohan then speed off to start training. On the Lookout, the group explains that they felt Goku's power (from when he powered up) and that had Goku used all, not just half of that power, they would not still be standing. Vegeta, going through a temper tantrum, thinks about how Kakarot always surpasses him in strength whenever he catches up. Then, Vegeta yells at Piccolo to get into the Time Chamber, telling him to stop wasting time.

Gohan, Goku, and Krillin

Goku and Gohan return to Chi-Chi and the gang at Kame House, and show off their new Super Saiyan powers. Chi-Chi becomes shocked when she witnesses Gohan’s yellow hair from the Super Saiyan transformation, exclaiming that Gohan must have become a hair dying punk and cries for hours. Meanwhile, Perfect Cell is in space sending comet showers to Earth as a “nice light show”. Now, Goku, Gohan, and Krillin discuss the incident of how he destroyed Android 18's controller, but does not reveal to them that it was because he was in love with her. After Krillin explains that he thinks Goku and Gohan are and always will be stronger than he, they all play in the lake for a while. While Goku and Gohan nap, Krillin, trying to test their Super Saiyan powers, throws a rock at a napping Goku to see if he can sense it coming, but Goku does not and blames Krillin for making a cruel joke. Now, they both (Goku and Gohan) just keep lying around and stuffing themselves with food, not at all training for the tournament.

Major Events

  • Goku shows off 50% of his power after asking Korin to compare his power to Cell's.






Bruce Faulconer tracks

  • "Goku and Gohan Train" - When Goku powers up in front of Korin for Korin to evaluate his power.
  • "Cell Contacts Goku" - When Chi-Chi breaks down crying after seeing Gohan as a Full-Power Super Saiyan.
  • "Earth Music" - When Krillin throws a rock at Goku's head to test his reactions.

Differences from the manga

  • In the anime, Goku and Gohan enter Kame House where Chi-Chi and the others react to the taller and now Super Saiyan Gohan amongst other things. In the manga, we do not see this, only seeing an exclamation of Chi-Chi's frustration upon seeing Gohan outside Kame House.
  • Cell's warm up exercises where he flies into space and destroys a giant meteor, causing a meteor shower with the people watching in awe, is exclusive to the anime.
  • Goku and Gohan fishing nearby their house and Krillin throwing a rock at a resting Goku's head is exclusive to the anime.


  • Vegeta and Yajirobe are in fairly close proximity in this episode (with Yajirobe at Korin Tower and Vegeta directly above him at Kami's Lookout), but are still not close enough to see each other, as they (presumably) never do between episode 35, "Mercy", and Dragon Ball: The Return of Son Goku and Friends!
  • When Chi-Chi sees Gohan's Super Saiyan hair and thinks he dyed it, the way she cries is similar to the way Usagi Tsukino from Sailor Moon cries.
  • This is the first time Goku and Gohan are seen going fishing with fishing poles like normal people, unlike all the previous times where they fished by hand.
  • Krillin is able to fool Goku into thinking that he's drowning, despite the fact that the two had to swim together in deep water during their training with Master Roshi.
  • Krillin throwing a rock at Goku to see if he can sense it coming is similar to an episode of Pokémon where Brock swings a stick at Bruno of the Elite Four, thinking he will be able to easily block it, but instead hits Bruno in the head and knocks him out. It is also similar to an episode of Dragon Ball where Chi-Chi throws the blade from her helmet at Master Roshi to see if he can block it only for the blade to hit him in the head. In addition, Goku himself would later do something similar to Old Kai, with similar results, as the latter was doing stretches from recently being unsealed in the episode "Out from the Broken Sword", only in that case, it was with a basic ki blast to test his abilities.
  • In the remastered dub, the civilians watching the meteor shower caused by Cell are given two lines not found in the original; "What's going on!?" and "Asteroids! Run for your lives!!"


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