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Ninja Mist Shuriken (忍法霞手裏剣 Ninpō Kasumi Shuriken, Ninja Art Mist Shuriken) is a technique used by Ninja Murasaki.


The user throws shuriken (ninja stars) or kunai to injure the opponent.


Ninja Murasaki uses this technique during his battle against Goku in Muscle Tower, as he is running away, but they all hit a tree Goku ran behind.

Goku himself is able to learn the technique through Mimicry and he takes Murasaki's discarded shuriken before he runs into the house Ninja Murasaki ran into. Goku uses the technique to throw the shuriken at Ninja Murasaki, but Ninja Murasaki picks up a tatami mat from the floor and blocks them all. Thinking Goku is out of shuriken Ninja Murasaki begins to Taunt Goku, as Goku is holding another shuriken, he throws it and hits Ninja Murasaki right in the forehead.


  • Shurikenjutsu (手裏剣術) - The art throwing Shuriken which Ninja Mist Shuriken is a variant of.
    • Dark Kunai Attack - A Shurikenjutsu technique where the Demoness Melee throws a Kunai at her opponent. Named in Dokkan Battle where it appears as her Super Attack.
  • Caltrops ( Makibishi) - Murasaki throws some caltrops to slow down the opponent.
  • Boomerang Shuriken (円月輪 Engetsurin, Crescent Moon) - Murasaki throws a curved blade that is designed to comeback like a boomerang. Used against Goku who managed to dodge the initial throw only to be hit in the head when it boomeranged back.

Video Game Appearances

Ninja Murasaki performing Ninja Mist Shuriken on Krillin (Teen) in Dragon Ball Heroes

Ninja Mist Shuriken appears as Ninja Murasaki's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. In the game, Ninja Murasaki performs the technique by using a mixture of camouflage, Rapid Movement, & smoke to suddenly appear and attack his opponent with a rapid-fire barrage of shuriken.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, it is localized as Ninja Mist Shuriken.


  • This technique is one of several that Goku learns via Mimicry in Dragon Ball, though he only uses it during his battle with Ninja Murasaki (using Murasaki's own discarded shuriken) due to its nature as a weapon-based technique. Goku is also shown to be more accurate with the technique as his final shuriken manages to hit Murasaki in the head after the ninja had run out of Tatami Mats to defend himself with.
    • Ironically the Ninja Murasaki of Super Dragon Ball Heroes game world in World Mission is far more accurate with the technique than his historical counterpart, though this is not surprising as the game world Murasaki Brothers are all depicted as more capable fighters than they were historically (presumably due to either the anomaly in Age 764 where he is fought or due to the mechanics of the game world).