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"Dummy...you get to live...he's going to train you."
Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone

Nicky (ニッキー Nikkī) is one of Garlic Jr.'s original trio of henchmen in Dragon Ball Z: Dead Zone.


Nicky is tall with white hair and blue skin. He sports a set of sharp fangs.


Dragon Ball Z[]

Dead Zone[]


Nicky on the left, after attacking Piccolo

Along with Ginger and Sansho, Nicky ambushes Piccolo when he is in the middle of training and seemingly kill him. The trio on Garlic Jr's orders next head to Goku's House in order to retrieve the Dragon Ball from Gohan but takes the boy as well. Afterwards, Nicky was assigned to watch over Gohan though it proved to be a daunting task as when Gohan ate a piece of fruit from a tree that was in the courtyard, he became delusional and started to see unusual things, much to Nicky's dismay who then had to chase him around the castle.

Deadzone - Goku vs Nicky

Nicky before being hit by Goku's Power Pole

Later, when Goku and Kami arrived, Nicky fights Goku alongside his companions after transforming into their Super state but the fight is brought to a temporary halt with the arrival of Piccolo and Krillin. While Sansho fights Piccolo alone, Nicky and Ginger face off against Goku with Nicky pulling a sword out of his leg. Despite this, Goku overpowers the duo, using his Power Pole to knock Nicky into a nearby tower. Badly wounded, he has just enough time to look up from the rubble and twist his face into astonishment as he is then near vaporised by a mighty Kamehameha that also destroyed Ginger.

Fusion Reborn[]


Nicky, a Meda, Burter, and Misokatsun appear in Fusion Reborn

Nicky later makes a cameo appearance, along with countless other Dragon Ball antagonists, but with an unusual coloring.



As he is normally, Nicky is comparable to his ally Ginger who is strong enough to defeat Chi-Chi with a simply Kiai. In his Super state, he is more powerful than before but even when fighting alongside Ginger and Sansho in the same state, they are on the losing side against Goku while still wearing his weighted clothing.

Video Games

In Dragon Ball Z: Kyōshū! Saiyan, Nicky's power level is 1,200.


  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Lozenges Blast – A fully-powered green energy wave shot from the palm. Named in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Katana Kogeki – Nicky attacks his opponent with a longsword he pulled out from his leg. This technique is called Internal Weapon (Giant Sword) in Daizenshuu 7.
  • Unnamed Spinning Technique – Nicky, Ginger, and Sansho spin around their opponent, forming a vortex where they all attack while flying around, and then catch the opponent and slam them into the ground.

Super Nicky
Deadzone - Buff Nicky

Nicky in his giant form

By calling out his signature phrase, Nicky can power up into this larger and more muscular state. Nicky takes on his buff form while combating Goku.

While this state appears to be the same as the one used by Garlic Jr., Spice and Vinegar, Daizenshuu 7 oddly does not include Nicky among the users of their transformation, while Daizenshuu 6 identifies Nicky's transformation as being the same as Garlic Jr.'s.

Majin Nicky
Majin Nicky is a character in Dragon Ball Heroes, making his debut in Jaaku Mission 5 as an enemy in the Majin Garlic Jr. mission.

Video Game Appearances[]

In Kyōshū! Saiyan, Nicky's character model reappears later in the game under the name Herb (ハーブ Hābu) as a common foe whose power level is 300.

Voice Actors[]


  • Nicky, Ginger, and Sansho vs. Piccolo
  • Nicky, Ginger, and Sansho vs. Goku
  • Nicky and Ginger vs. Goku


  • Like the rest of Garlic Jr.'s henchmen, Nicky is named after a spice. For Nicky, his name is a reference to the Japanese word "Nikki" (ニッキ, Nikki), meaning "cinnamon." It is also similar to the name "Nicky", as in "Little Nicky", a nickname for the Antichrist (considering Nicky is a Serpent demon).
  • The name "Nicky" was reused during the Imperfect Cell Saga, when Cell regains his lost energy by absorbing the inhabitants of Nicky Town.
  • Nicky's battle phrase is "Nodoame" (a Japanese cough drop) in the original Japanese version, "Tutti-frutti!" in the Ocean and Funimation dubs, "You can't win." in the AB Groupe dub, and "Nodowome" in the Speedy dub.
  • Nicky's Japanese voice, Shigeru Chiba, would take over for his boss Garlic Jr. during his self-named filler saga. This was due to Akira Kamiya having a schedule conflict and thus unavailable at that time.



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