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"Every muscle! Every cell! His body was built from a life-time of intense battles! But, you took it, it's all second-hand! You feel the power of those Saiyan cells, but you don't really understand it, because you didn't build it, AND YOU'LL NEVER LEARN TO THINK LIKE THAT CLOWN!!!"
Vegeta using the move on Goku Black in Don't You Disgrace Saiyan Cells! Vegeta's Fierce Battle Commences!

Niagara Pummel (ナイアガラプンメル Naiagarapunmeru) is a Rush Attack used by Vegeta. It is included as part of his Pride of Our Warrior Race.


Vegeta punches his opponent up into the air before pummeling them mercilessly down into the ground.


Vegeta first used this move against Golden Frieza and later used it on Goku Black.

Video Game Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle, this attack is a part of Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta's Super Attack, Pride of Our Warrior Race.

"That body, down to every cell, is the product of Kakarot's long, fierce history of combat!"
— Vegeta using the move against Goku Black in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Vegeta using the move in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Niagara Pummel is named in Dragon Ball FighterZ, where it is one of Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta's level 1 supers. If used against Goku Black, he will say the same thing he said in the anime when he used the move against him. If the attack is followed by his Final Flash, he will proceed to tell him that only Goku has the capability of using his body's Saiyan Cells.

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