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New Space-Time War! The Ultimate Fierce Battle Begins! (しんくうたいせんきゅうきょくげきとうかいまく Shin-jikū Taisen! Kyūkyoku no Gekitō Kaimaku!) is the thirty-third episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes.


The Warrior in Black

In the Pseudo Universe, a warrior clad in all-black stands atop a building in West City while Goku runs down the streets below, dodging various spaceship blasts being fired in his direction. Goku is contacted telepathically by Xeno Trunks, currently in the Time Nest, who tells Goku that he is located in the universe that Fu had created, an imperfect copy of the original Universe 7 that has no signs of life within. However, when a blast aimed at Goku hits one of the nearby buildings, the same building in Universe 7 collapses along with it. Though not fully grasping the situation, Goku nevertheless flies away from the city.

Hearts makes his return

Meanwhile, on Frieza's Spaceship, Frieza becomes impatient and decides to leave the ship along with Meta-Cooler, who follows suit. The two fly down towards Goku and kick him to the ground, declaring that Goku is their prey. As Goku struggles to get to his feet, the two tyrants charge in for another attack, only to be struck by Hearts' Gravity Cage technique, which pins the two to the ground. Goku is surprised to see Hearts, not knowing that he was still alive, but Hearts points out the Halo above his head, revealing that he was freed from Hell by Demigra. Hearts asks Goku to join forces with him, needing his power and with the intention of taking down Fu, believing that he was selfish for using the Universe Tree in the way that he did.

Golden Frieza and Meta-Cooler with Dark Dragon Balls

Frieza and Meta-Cooler re-emerge, now in their Golden Evolution forms. Meta-Cooler points out that Hearts is an ally of Cumber, who he still holds a grudge with, and charges at Hearts in a fit of rage. As Hearts and Meta-Cooler battle, Goku engages Frieza, withstanding his powerful attack to enter the Ultra Instinct Sign state and quickly take Frieza down, saying that his priority is to get out of the Pseudo Universe. Suddenly, both Frieza and Meta-Cooler are given Dark Dragon Balls by an unknown assailant. The orbs merge with them and power them up dramatically, as Goku and Hearts prepare for an even tougher fight.

From above, they are all watched by the Crimson-Masked Saiyan, who urges them to fight so that they will unknowingly aid his own upcoming plans.

Major Events

  • Goku and Hearts team up to take down Fu.
  • Golden Frieza and Golden Meta-Cooler are implanted with the Dark Dragon Balls.


  • Goku vs. Frieza (Final Form) and Meta-Cooler
  • Hearts vs. Frieza (Final Form) and Meta-Cooler
  • Hearts vs. Meta-Cooler (Golden Meta-Cooler)
  • Goku (Base/Ultra Instinct Sign) vs. Frieza (Golden Frieza)







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