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The term "New Saiyan Empire" is conjectural. This article's real name is unknown and an unofficial title is used instead.

The "New Saiyan Empire" is the faction led by Paragus and briefly Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan. They used Paragus' Spaceship as their means of travelling.



The army was established after the genocide of the Saiyans. Sometime before the events of Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly had destroyed planets in the South Area while the army had enslaved the Shamoian race as their labor force.

Dragon Ball Z

Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan

Paragus' Army came to Earth to lure Vegeta into a trap set for him on New Planet Vegeta, making him believe they want him to be their king. At that planet, the army had to face Gohan and Krillin who helped the Shamoians. Paragus uses tales of the Legendary Super Saiyan that is rampaging across the universe offering his son Broly to assist him in his searches unaware that Broly is actually the Legendary Super Saiyan he seeks.

Paragus and his army bow before Vegeta

Paragus kills one of his soldiers Moah with Dead Punisher after he informs him of Comet Camori which will soon collide with New Planet Vegeta, which is actually what Paragus wants as he plans to have the comet wipe out Vegeta and Future Trunks, as well as Gohan, Krillin, Master Roshi, and Oolong who happen to follow Vegeta onto Paragus' ship. However Goku arrives on the planet via Instant Transmission while following the trail of the Legendary Super Saiyan and his presence reawakens Broly's memories of his childhood trauma which causes Broly to develop a pathological hatred of Goku due to his memory of Baby Goku crying and causes Paragus to start losing control of Broly through his Control Ring. Eventually Goku realizes Broly is the Legendary Super Saiyan and informs Vegeta, causing Paragus to reveal he lured then to New Planet Vegeta so Comet Camori would kill them allowing Paragus and Broly to conquer the Earth without damaging it, as Paragus plans to create an empire for himself and Broly, while also getting revenge on King Vegeta by killing his son and grandson for ordering his and Broly's execution. Broly eventually breaks free of Paragus' control and transforms into his Legendary Super Saiyan form. Broly does battle with Goku, Gohan, and Trunks while Vegeta is traumatized by Broly, losing his bravado. After watching the z-fighters being overwhelmed, Paragus tries to flee the planet using an Attack Ball seeing Broly as a lost cause but Broly catches him and in his insanity crushes his father for attempting to both control and abandon him. However, Goku returns and manages to defeat Broly by reopening his old chest wound from King Vegeta's failed execution. Krillin, Oolong, Master Roshi, and Shamoians manage to escape on Piccolo's Capsule Corporation spaceship which Goku, Gohan, Piccolo, Future Trunks, and Vegeta escape to via Instant Transmission as New Planet Vegeta is destroyed by Comet Camori.

Broly - Second Coming

However, Broly survives and escapes via another Attack Ball which crash lands on Earth though Broly falls into a coma and his pod is frozen for seven years. Though the New Saiyan Empire is defeated and Paragus dies, Broly returns to threaten Earth in Age 774, though Adult Gohan, his brother Goten, and Goku (unknown if he is the real deal or an illusion created by Shenron due to Goten wishing his father was there to help, as the real Goku is dead at the time) launch Broly into the Sun using the Family Kamehameha. Thus removing the last remnant of the New Saiyan Empire.


In Dragon Ball Z: Bio-Broly, Broly is confirmed as deceased and presumably resides in Hell with his father and his deceased underlings.

Meanwhile on Earth, the disgraced former shaman of Natade Village, Maloja who in the previous film had sent several villagers to their deaths as sacrifices to a monster which Goten, Trunks, and Videl discovered was just a Dinosaur before their encounter with Broly. Majola however apparently observed the confrontation and learned Broly was the Legendary Super Saiyan and eventually found Broly's Attack Ball which contained some of Broly's blood, a sample of which he supplied to the wealthy childhood rival of Mr. Satan Lord Jaguar who had his team of scientists which included Dr. Collie and Nain to create a Bio Warrior clone of the Legendary Super Saiyan, whom Lord Jaguar planned to use as his trump card to defeat Mr. Satan and expose him as a fraud. Not unlike Paragus did before him with Broly, Lord Jaguar sought to use Bio-Broly to take revenge on one who had wronged him (Vegeta in Paragus' case and Mr. Satan in Lord Jaguar's) though his desire for revenge was more out of petty spite than Paragus' legitimate grievance towards the House of Vegeta for their treatment of him and his son (as Broly was still an infant and up to that point Paragus had been a loyal Saiyan Army soldier).

Fortunately, Android 18, Goten, Trunks, and eventually Krillin got involved due to Mr. Satan's outstanding debt to Android 18 for throwing the final match of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament with 18 agreeing to take out Lord Jagaur's fighters so he could maintain his public image. While Bio-Broly retained his counterpart's hatred of Kakarot, he was virtually mindless and more akin to a ravenous zombie who fights based purely on instinct lacking the skill and experience of the original as Krillin, Goten, and Trunks fared much better against him than they did against the original, though Bio-Broly getting covered in Culture Fluid whole granting him the power of regeneration also made him weak to salt water as it caused the Culture Fluid to solidify. Additionally like Broly before him, Bio-Broly had no real loyalty towards Lord Jaguar or the scientists that created him and it was only thanks to the Dragon Team members intervention that they survived the Culture Fluid spill within Mei Queen Castle and Bio-Broly's rampage, though the instigator Maloja wasn't so fortunate as he died a rather gruesome death after getting caught up in the Culture Fluid (which ironically only Bio-Broly seemed to be able to survive in due to the power and resilience he inherited from his source material).

Ultimately Goten, Trunks, and Krillin were able to defeat Bio-Broly after enlarging himself with Culture Fluid Absorption Gigantification. Although the movie itself indicates Broly caused a rampage in Hell that required Grand Kai to dispatch both Goku and Pikkon to subdue him, Daizenshuu 6 ambiguously implied that the "Broly" they were talking about was in fact Bio-Broly.

Other Dragon Ball Stories

Raging Blast series

In the Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast series, according to the bio for Broly he survived being shot into the Sun in Broly - Second Coming and achieved his Legendary Super Saiyan 3 form after recovering from near death. He once again attacked Earth, but was ultimately defeated by once more.

Technology & Vehicles


Future Warrior

Video Game Appearance

In Supersonic Warriors 2, Broly and Paragus appear during certain What-if scenarios and New Planet Vegeta appears as a stage.

In Dragon Ball Heroes, Paragus, Broly, Angol, and Moah are playable characters.

In Dokkan Battle, Paragus, Broly, and the New Saiyan Empire Army appear as enemies in the Story Event based upon Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan.

In Xenoverse 2, Broly appears as a playable character. Additionally Angol's Helmet and Angol's Clothes appear as an Accessory and Equipment set which can be purchased by the Future Warrior from the TP Medal Shop in Conton City. In their descriptions, the New Saiyan Empire is simply identified as Paragus' underlings. Additionally Broly is among those summoned to Conton City to act as Patroller Academy Instructors though due to his personality, he is obsessed with finding Kakarot, though fortunately the Future Warrior can defeat him to stop his rampaging, allowing them to take Broly on as their current instructor, though Broly sees them as a mere plaything and servant indicating he views them in the same manner as his father's underlings. Thus technically speaking the Future Warrior effectively becomes a member of the New Saiyan Empire with Broly being the last surviving member and defacto leader due to murdering his own father. Surprisingly Broly tolerates the Future Warrior who learns his skills via Mimicry and while he retains most of his mental instability and hatred for Kakarot whom he can track via his scent and even notes the similarities in between the scents of Kakarot's blood relatives (Kid/Adult/Future Gohans, Bardock (DBZ), and Raditz) and Kakarot himself, he is surprisingly able to maintain enough control to avoid rampaging across Conton City despite remaining in Legendary Super Saiyan form. Various Patroller Academy Instructors comment on Broly being their Instructor, with Goku and Vegeta expressing surprise that he is still alive. Raditz and Nappa are also surprised Broly is alive as they heard that King Vegeta had them jettisoned into outspace (presumably referring to the trash heap they were dumped in was intended to be jettisoned into space before the Genocide of the Saiyans) and Raditz notes he never heard of a Saiyan surviving in the vacuum of space (unaware the infant Broly used his Energy Shield as a makeshift Attack Ball for himself and Paragus) and as a result both he and Nappa doubt Broly could have survived.

During the Infinite History Saga, if Broly is the Future Warrior's current instructor, Chronoa will recruit him to join the Future Warrior in dealing with dangerous Time Rifts have corrupted all the Time Patrollers sent into them, though Broly like all Instructors is immune to its effects. As a result, Broly is temporarily deputized to work as a Time Patroller alongside the Future Warrior, which affords him several opportunities to meet and face various incarnations of his hated nemesis Kakarot from different periods such as when he was training with Vegeta Inside Whis's Staff (though Fu's meddling results in them achieving Super Saiyan 4 instead of Super Saiyan Blue), Cell Games era Goku (who is targeted by Future Android 17, Future Android 18, and Android 13 who also seek to kill Goku), Vegito during the Majin Buu conflict, and Goku Black during the Project Zero Mortals conflict, and Patroller Academy Instructor Goku whom Elder Kai sends in to capture Fu.

Xenoverse 2 Accessories & Equipment
  • Angol's Helmet - "The helmet worn by Paragus' underlings who were recruited from all corners of the galaxy."
  • Angol's Clothes - "Clothes worn by Paragus' underlings who were recruited from all corners of the galaxy." Equipment set consists of upper body, lower body, hands, and feet portions.
  • Broly's Clothes - "Clothes worn by the legendary Super Saiyan Broly." Equipment set consists of upper body, lower body, hands, and feet portions. When equipped by females, in addition to Broly's necklace, a black top with white trim covers the wearer's chest while males wear only Broly's necklace.
  • Broly Wig (Legendary Super Saiyan) - "A wig based on Legendary Super Saiyan Broly's hairstyle." Added as part of the Extra Pack 4 DLC.

In World Mission, Paragus, Broly, Angol, and Moah are playable.


The Paragus' soldiers who look like Team Dodoria

  • In one scene in Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, there are a few members of Paragus' Army who look similar to Team Dodoria.
  • The soldiers of the New Saiyan Empire were the inspiration for Frieza's Honor Guard in Dragon Ball Super: Broly.
  • The Japanese version implies in the scene where Paragus killed Moah that none of the members of the New Saiyan Empire outside of Paragus himself, Moah, and possibly Broly knew about Comet Camori arriving to impact New Planet Vegeta.


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