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"You want to learn more about my techniques? My techniques are based off the Crane School style of martial arts... but I improved them. I call my fighting style the "New Crane School." ...Sorry. We've strayed from the point here. If you're interested in my style, I'll teach you."
Tien Shinhan mentioning the school in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

The New Crane School is a Martial Arts academy opened in Age 821 after the events of the original Dragon Ball manga. The school first debuts in Dragon Ball Online along with Krillin's Turtle School. It was established on Pleasant Mountain.


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Tien and Chiaotzu


Tien Shinhan, master of the New Crane School

After the release of Gohan's book, Groundbreaking Science, which informed Earth's general populous of advanced martial arts and ki control, Earthlings took great interest in fighting. Having witnessed the Super Spirit Bomb that Goku used to defeat Kid Buu, Tien Shinhan realized that it was possible for an individual to defeat even the strongest opponent by raising their power to the limits and gathering tremendous amounts of ki for a powerful enough spiritual attack. With his newfound belief, Tien opens the New Crane School to educate the planet's new generation of warriors. Tien developed techniques that revolved around strategically collecting ki and unleashing bursts of intense energy with precise timing, believing that it is more important to develop aggressive attacks by controlling ki than it is to provide support.

In Dragon Ball Super, a precursor to the New Crane School is shown in the form of the Tien-Shin Style Dojo. Presumably, Tien Shinhan later expanded it into the New Crane School as a result of the growing interest in martial arts among the Earth's population.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]

Xenoverse 2[]

DBXV2 Future Warrior (Female Saiyan) & Tien Shinhan Tiencha Wig, Qipao (Crane), & CC Mascot Chiaotzu (Crane School Colors) Ninja bow (Emotes 12) 2

Tien Shinhan, Future Warrior (Female Saiyan) wearing the Qipao (Crane), & CC Mascot Chiaotzu (Crane School Colors) in Xenoverse 2

In Conton City in Age 852, Tien offers to train the Future Warrior in the New Crane School style of martial arts if they wish to train under Tien as a student. Tien mentions that the New Crane Schools techniques he teaches are improved versions of techniques he learned from his time as a student of Crane School.

During the Infinite History Saga, if Tien is the Future Warrior's current instructor, Chronoa will recruit him to act as their partner while investigating the mysterious Time Rifts which have been corrupting Time Patrollers sent to investigate them. This provides Tien the opportunity to face off against powerful adversaries such as Goku and Vegeta who attain Super Saiyan 4 during their training Inside Whis' Staff instead of Super Saiyan Blue due to the meddling of the enigmatic Fu. He also fights against Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 when they appear during the period right before the Cell Games, as well as Android 13 who appears due to Fu's meddling. He also has a rematch with Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) and encounters Dabura who's death in Age 774 had been secretly undone by Towa during the events of the Warrior from the Demon World Saga. Dabura interrupts the battle between Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) and Super Saiyan Vegito. Wanting revenge on the Time Patrol for its role in the death of Towa in Age ???, Dabura is the one responsible for the Time Rifts which he has been using to collect Kili to increase his strength. Tien and the Future Warrior also team up with Future Trunks to confront Goku Black, Future Zamasu, & their unlikely ally Future Jiren in Age 796. Future Jiren allied himself with the Zamases due to Dabura's mental manipulation. Fortunately they receive assistance from none other than Tapion. Eventually Dabura attacks the Time Nest and kidnaps Chronoa. This leads to a showdown between the Future Warrior & Tien against Dabura who summons Demon God Demigra to aid him. Eventually Fu shows up and it is revealed that he is the artificially created demonic Bio-Android offspring of Towa and Mira, making him Dabura's nephew and chosen successor as King of the Demon Realm. However Fu has no desire for revenge and seeks to use the energy he collects from altering history for everyone's betterment. Fu ends up deflecting Dabura's Petrifying Spit back at him, turning his uncle into stone, ending the threat posed by Dabura.

During the Conton City Tournament event, if Tien is the Future Warrior's current instructor, then he will participate in the Conton City Tournament, facing off against his student during the Quarterfinals in Conton City Tournament 03: "Time for the Quarterfinals". He is ultimately defeated and the Future Warrior goes on to defeat Goku in the semifinals, as well as the Toki Toki City Hero and Chronoa in the finals, thus becoming Conton City's champion and proving themselves Conton City's strongest Time Patroller.

World Mission[]

In the Extra Dimensional Space located in Gizard Wasteland area of the SDBH game world in Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 1, Beat encounters Tien. Tien reveals he has decided to start teaching martial arts. Eager to learn from Tien, Beat asks him to teach him the Volleyball Fist.

Techniques and special abilities[]


Chiaotzu's suicidal attack

The most powerful techniques of this school require the sacrifice of health to produce powerful energy attacks with area-of-effect capability. This is similar to the series of self-sacrificial energy techniques used by Tien and Chiaotzu in the Dragon Ball manga.

Unnamed Female Hero

Unnamed Female Spiritualist (2) wearing the mark of the New Crane School in Dragon Ball Online

Techniques of the New Crane School are seen through the Spiritualist's Crane Hermit skill tree, and include Dodon Ray, a more powerful, rapid-fire variation Dodon Barrage, and the wide-ranged Tri-Beam Cannon. The New Crane School teaches the two most powerful attacks of the game, Tri-Beam and Self Destruction, which use LP instead of EP, 212 LP and 500 LP respectively. This makes Crane Spiritualists the greatest DPS, but also one of the most kamikaze class and healer dependent.

Crane Hermits are also designated with a fan weapon that grants them access to powerful long-ranged wind attacks, which may be a reference to the Bansho Fan. These techniques include Crane Cyclone, Fan Out and the more powerful Master Fan Out and Mystical Crane Typhoon.

In Xenoverse 2, Tien teaches the New Crane School techniques Dodon Ray, Volleyball Attack, Tri-Beam, and Neo Tri-Beam. He also explains that his schools techniques are mostly improved versions of those he learned during his time as a student of the original Crane School. After the 1.09.00 Update, Tien teaches a new technique called DUAL Neo Tri-Beam which is a two person team attack version of Neo Tri-Beam in which two users of the Neo Tri-Beam both attack as a pair with Neo Tri-Beam at the same time combining their Neo Tri-Beams into a stronger attack.

Known Students[]

Tien-Shin Style Dojo
  • Yurin - Former female Crane School student who trained alongside Tien and Chiaotzu. Later became Tien's student at the Tien-Shin Style Dojo.
Xenoverse series
Dragon Ball Legends
  • Shallot - Certain incarnations of Tien can teach Shallot his Tri-Beam Special Move Arts after reaching Friendship Rank 2.
World Mission
  • Beat - In Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 3, Beat encounters the SDBH game world Tien who notes he has decided to start teaching martial arts causing Beat to request he teach him the Volleyball Fist.

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