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"Never Give Up!!" (Nunca te rindas in Latin America) is the ending song for the international release of Dragon Ball Z Kai: The Final Chapters. This song, like Fight It Out!!, is only available in English and Spanish. In Japan, is it replaced by 5 endings. It is made by Mine-Chang, written by Shoko, and interpreted by Junear.


Get up and let's go
We were born to save the universe.
Stand up and move out
Don't forget what our fathers said

We are unbeatable
Cause we have families who love us
We are unbreakable
Cause now we have a chain of hearts
We are always one

Never give up for a dream you believe in
Never give up for a day to conceive
Gotta be tough, gotta make it together
Don't you know I'll always stand by your side?

Better to try than make no action
Better to cry than fake your emotion
Gotta be us, gotta fight it together
Don't you know you are the one makes my soul complete?

Vamos, despierta.
Salvaremos juntos el universo.
Vamos, recuerda
las lecciones de nuestros ancestros.

Nada nos detendrá,
porque tenemos familia que nos ama.
No nos separará.
Existen lazos de amor
que nos unirá.

Nunca te rindas, persigue tus sueños.
Nunca abandones cumplir tus deseos.
Juntos lo haremos, tenemos la fuerza.
Debes de saber que yo estaré a tu lado.

Vale la pena luchar e intentarlo.
Vale la pena llorar y fingirlo.
Si estamos juntos tú y yo venceremos.
Debes de saber que tú completas mi existir.

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