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Nest Ice[2] is a variation of Arc Blast used by Meta-Cooler.


Meta-Cooler charges the attack with a hand backward, and then puts his hand forward as he releases several teal energy beams.


Majin Ozotto tries to fire the attack at Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta's face while in Meta-Cooler's form, however, Ultra Instinct Sign Goku kicks the clone away.[1]

Film Appearances[]

In Dragon Ball Z: The Return of Cooler, Meta-Cooler tries to fire the attack at Vegeta's face after overthrowing him violently to the ground during their battle on New Namek, but the attack is interrupted by Goku kicking Meta-Cooler in the face. Another Meta-Cooler uses the attack when he encounters Piccolo inside the Big Gete Star.

Video Game Appearances[]

In Supersonic Warriors 2, it is named Nest Ice and is Meta-Cooler's down move. By holding the X+Y buttons a while longer, the rays fly all over the battlefield, twice as fast and twice as strong.