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The Nemuria Ruins (ネムリア遺跡 Nemuria Iseki) are a set of ruins located in the Break Wasteland Desert.


Gohan falls into the Nemuria Ruins during the six months Piccolo left him in Break Wasteland. It is here that he encounters an abandoned robot named C-6. Gohan soon escapes from the collapsing ruins thanks to C-6's help, but the robot ends up being trapped while saving Gohan from the cave-in.

Video Game Appearances

A year and a half later, in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, Gohan returns here while training under Piccolo. He finds C-6 still trapped, however with a dead battery. He promptly finds him one, but he cannot free him, so he decides to leave the robot there. As Piccolo shows up and they continue searching for the Devil's Bracelet. Enemies encountered outside the Nemuria Ruins (in the Break Wasteland Desert) are Sandman, Mummy Man, Winged Dragon, Violent Dragon, Dinosaur, Sand Dodo, Dododo, and enemies encountered inside the Nemuria Ruins are Ancient Descendant, Ruin Guard, Vampire, Mummy, Golden Wolf, and Demon Noble. The boss is an Excavated Robot v2 that belongs to the couple of bandits who tried to steal the Devil's Bracelet.

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