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Neko Majin Mix (ネコマジンミックス Neko Majin Mikkusu) is one of the main protagonists in Akira Toriyama's one-shot manga Nekomajin. He also appears in the spin-off manga Dragon Ball Heroes: Victory Mission by Toyotarō.


Neko Majin is a magical cat of the Neko Majin race who lives in a small village with his pet fish named Yamada Haruo. He charges people 100 yen for almost anything. As stated in the fourth chapter of Nekomajin, titled "Neko Majin Z", he is one of twenty-eight Neko Majins found across the planet.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
  • Nekohameha – Z's version of the trademark Kamehameha technique. It is likely that Z created this technique after witnessing his mentor Goku perform the Kamehameha, but how it differs from the original wave is unknown. Also, like Goku's Flying Kamehameha attack, Z can perform a similar attack while flying upward and charging the Nekohameha.
  • Mimicry – The unique ability to copy, use, and even alter witnessed techniques.
  • Energy Wave – A generic one-handed energy blast. After Vegeta hit him with his energy wave, Z performs a similar blast himself. The attack is also used by Neko Majin Mike.
  • Full Power Energy Wave – A two-handed energy blast. Z uses it after reappearing behind Vegeta during their battle.
  • High Speed Movement – The ability to move so fast that the user appears in another location.
  • Cat's Paw - An ability used by Neko Majin Mix's HJ4-SEC card in Dragon Ball Heroes that steals 2 Hero Energy from the enemy team at the end of Round 2.
  • Iron Will (Team) - An ability used by Neko Majin Mix as a boss during the Budokai Saga in Dragon Ball Heroes that makes his entire team immune to stamina damage.
  • Stamina Capsule - A Card Action Ability used by Neko Majin Mix as a boss during the Budokai Saga in Dragon Ball Heroes. Neko Majin Mix throws 1-3 capsules into his or the enemy's Prep Area, which recovers 20% of his team's stamina or reduces the enemy team's stamina by 20%.
  • Super Kamehameha S – A Card Action Ability used by Neko Majin Mix's HJ4-SEC card in Dragon Ball Heroes that Subspace Summons Goku after Round 3 to use Super Kamehameha. If Neko Majin Z's team has at least 6 Hero Energy, the power of the enemy attackers is halved.

Video Game Appearances

Neko Majin Mix card for Dragon Ball Heroes

Neko Majin Mix makes his first debut ever in a video-game and as a playable character in Dragon Ball Heroes, introduced in the fourth mission of the Jaaku Mission series (JM4).

He makes his English game localization debut of Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission.

Voice Actors

  • Japanese: Taiki Matsuno (Dragon Ball Heroes)




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