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Nejishiki (ねじしきクン Nejishiki-Kun) is a resident in Penguin Village and a classmate of Arale Norimaki. His name means "twisted direction" in Japanese.


Nejishiki has charcoal gray-colored hair and tannish skin. He wears a Japanese kitsune mask, often worn in Noh theater and Matsuri festivals. He also wears a red headscarf and a yellow yukata (light summer kimono) with a green sash.


Dr. Slump

In one chapter of Dr. Slump, Akane Kimidori takes Nejishiki's mask because she was in trouble with Daigoro Kurigashira. Nejishiki's face is shown, his face being the same face on his mask.

He is seen among the residents of Penguin Village running after Arale and Gatchan in "Penguin Village Dom-Dom-Dom!"

Dragon Ball


Gamera and Nejishiki making faces

Nejishiki is seen with Rat watching Arale race the Gatchans. He is seen again playing with some strange looking monster people, including Gamera, while General Blue stops at the Phone Booth where he met Sourman. Nejishiki makes funny faces at General Blue with the monsters.

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