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Negative Power Rain is a Continuous Energy Bullet used by Cell in his Semi-Perfect form.


Cell punches and kicks his opponent into the air, then fires nine energy blasts down at them.


Negative Power Rain 4

Cell charges his Negative Power Rain

After his Energy Wave failed and hit a Giant Fish instead of the intended target, Semi-Perfect Cell uses this attack underwater to try and lure out Vegeta. However, Vegeta attacks the Android from below and Cell's Negative Power Rain hits underwater mountains instead of Vegeta.


Video Game Appearances[]

In the Butōden series, Cell uses this technique.

In Budokai, Cell fires nine energy blasts, but they are at the same power as the normal blasts in Budokai 2.

In Budokai 2, an extra tenth one can be fired if the left analog stick is rotated, the tenth blast is stronger and sends the opponent flying away.

In Harukanaru Densetsu, Perfect Cell also uses a red Continuous Energy Bullet.

In Ultimate Tenkaichi, Semi-Perfect Cell is seen using an energy attack in character art.