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Due to a lack of an official translation, some Dragon Ball Online content may not be entirely accurate.

Narak[1] (那拉克 "Naraku") is the first of the Narak-type Namekians.[2] He is referred to as "The Black Namekian".[3]


Dragon Ball Online

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Narak Footprints1

The giant discarded shoes at "Narak Footprints"

Narak was born as a Namek of pure evil from the "Evil Egg", which was created by the evil in the Namekians' hearts. The egg was first discovered in Age 940 and placed under a strong seal for safekeeping.[3]

Narak Footprints2

What appears to be the Evil Egg at "Narak Footprints"

In Age 972, Narak hatches from the Evil Egg[3] and he gains many followers forming a new group of evil Namekians called the Dark Namekians which results in a civil war, between Dark Namekians and the rest of the Namekian population who oppose their evil ways.

Many other Namekians would later fail to discard their evil thoughts and become Narak-type Namekians themselves.[2]


  • Narak's name comes from Naraku (奈落), one of the Japanese names for Hell as it is depicted in Buddhism.
  • A clothing set in Xenoverse and Xenoverse 2 are based on the Narak Warrior's outfit, it is exclusive to Namekians.
  • It is implied by the size of the remains of the giant egg (potentially the remains of the Evil Egg) and a giant boot found at the area known as Narak's Footprints (presumably another reference to his giant size) that Narak was born a Great Namekian or Super Giant-Form (as the boot dwarfs the Namekian Youth's Great Namekian form)..


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