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"Master Frieza! Do you really think something as strong as the Ginyu Force is required? I mean, we'll dispatch them if you want, yes sir! You just give the word!"
— Namole to Frieza in "Unknown Enemies"

Namole is a soldier in the Frieza Force.


He looks like a Human-type Earthling wearing the frieza soldier armor.


Namole is shown to be incredibly afraid of Frieza, shaking by just being the presence of the tyrant. Such a fearful personality was his downfall, with Frieza pointing out this "flaw" and killing him because of it.


Dragon Ball Z

Frieza Saga

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Namole and his bouncers

On Namek, after Vegeta murders Zarbon, Namole timidly delivers the news that the Ginyu Force were arriving soon. Frieza kills him for showing fear in his presence. In the Ocean Group dubs, the dialogue is different: Namole asks Frieza if the Ginyu Force is really required. Frieza asks Namole if he was trying to second guess one of his decisions. Namole timidly shakes his head, but Frieza destroys him completely anyway, then comments "Too bad. Guess you're just blasted to another dimension for no reason at all".

Namole killed by Frieza

In the Funimation dub, the scene is more sinister as Frieza simply kills Namole due to the fact that the Ginyu Force was coming. An odd change considering that the other soldiers present were of no use either, and yet were not killed. Namole's bouncers are later killed when Vegeta arrives at Frieza's Spaceship and deflects all of their lasers and energy blasts back at them.

Namole's look-alikes

The soldier who resembles Namole on Frieza 79

A soldier who resembles Namole previously appeared on Planet Frieza 79.

A Frieza soldier who resembles Namole

Another soldier of Frieza who resembles Namole appears briefly later on in the Namek Saga (episode "A Legend Revealed"). When some of Frieza's henchmen are trying out for the Ginyu Force, after Ginyu knocks Captain Strong into the sky, the cowardly Frieza soldier (who resembles Namole except his hair is teal not orange) steps backwards and touches a Dragon Ball by mistake. Ginyu had specifically said not to touch any of the Dragon Balls, so he throws him far off into the distance. If he survived, he later returned only to be killed by Vegeta.

Voice Actors


  • His name is a pun on the food "Guacamole".
  • Due to the fact Frieza knew his name and that he was accompanied by 2 bouncers, Namole may be a Mid-Class Soldier like Appule.
  • It is possible that he was revived by Popo's wish as seen in "Moro's Wish (volume)" with the likes of Cranberry.

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