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The Namekian in Black[2] (黒衣のナメック戦士 Namekku Kokui no Senshi, lit. "Namek Warrior in Black Clothes") is an incarnation of Piccolo Jr. (ピッコロ・ジュニア Pikkoro Junia) whose timeline of origin is unknown. He is one of several "Warriors in Black" that are allied with Aeos.

He and his fellow Warriors in Black support their leader, Aeos' mysterious yet malevolent intentions for the Super Space-Time Tournament as one of the many antagonists.


The Namekian in Black's cloaked appearance

The Namekian in Black appears as a very tall and muscular Namekian with visible green skin that is only seen through his covered appearance. Like his fellow Warriors in Black, he hides his identity with a hooded black coat-like cloak, as well as a brown masked undershirt to hide his mouth. He also wears black top and pants, a gray obi and pointy greyish brown boots.

After discarding his disguise, the Namekian in Black appears to have his gi that he usually wore before as Piccolo; consisting of a black gi with red edges over the exposed upper-chest area secured by a gray obi and wearing pointy greyish brown boots.


Not much is known about the Namekian in Black, but he and his fellow Warriors in Black supports Aeos' intentions.


Super Dragon Ball Heroes

Supreme Kai of Time Saga

Main article: Supreme Kai of Time Saga The Namekian in Black appears alongside his fellow Warriors in Black behind Chronoa to restrain her from attacking Aeos.

The Namekian in Black later appears on a Planet Namek-stylized arena to confront his main timeline self, Piccolo, as well as Gohan (both of whom are shocked to see another Piccolo), Golden Frieza, Frost, King Cold, Rasin and Lakasei, Bergamo, and two Yardrat warriors.


The Namekian in Black has had his potential unlocked by Dark Shenron.[3]


  • Flight - The ability to fly through the use of ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Black Assault (ブラックアサルト) - The Namekian in Black's Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Dark Dragon Ball Enhancement

Main article: Dark Dragon Ball Enhancement

The Namekian in Black enhanced with a dark aura.

The Namekian in Black can power himself up with a Dark Dragon Ball, as shown in Ultra God Mission 1.

The form was first used by his "UGM1-062" card in Dragon Ball Heroes, where it is named Dark Dragon Ball Enhancement (暗黒ドラゴンボール強化).

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