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Namekian Final Flash is a Energy Wave used by Pikkon.


Pikkon first flies into the sky, widens his eyes, and then charges a very powerful energy blast from his right palm.


Pikkon uses this attack during the Other World Tournament after successfully hitting Goku with his signature move, the Thunder Flash Attack. After Goku is seemingly knocked out, Pikkon rushes above Goku and fires this attack as an attempt to win the round and the tournament. The stunned Goku quickly evades the attack, causing a large explosion in the confines of the tournament ring. Goku then flies up towards Pikkon and both fighters fire their energy wave attacks, with West Kai replying "It's all about explosion to them". The Namekian Final Flash meets with Goku's energy wave, resulting in a slight Energy Clash, followed by an explosion so powerful that it causes both Pikkon and Goku to spin out of control. Pikkon and Goku later regain control over their bodies by landing on the ceiling of the tournament stadium. This attack is ultimately what caused a double ring out by the two finalists.

Video Game Appearances

The attack was named Namekian Final Flash in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game. It is interesting to note that while Pikkon is not a Namekian, he is treated as one for in-game purposes.


  • Despite its name, this attack is not a variation of the Final Flash.


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