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"Namek's End" (ナメックせい  Namekku-sei no Kiyu, lit. "Planet Namek Fades Out") is the one hundred thirty fourth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the three hundred twenty-eighth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter is a dark page with a photo of Goku and Krillin wearing casual clothes in the middle.


King Kai tells the Dragon Team on his planet that Goku has finally defeated Frieza. Tien Shinhan says that Goku must now be the strongest being in the universe, but King Kai says that Goku will die unless he finds a way off of Namek. Yamcha says that Goku will escape, and King Kai urges him to hurry. On Namek, Goku manages to find Frieza's Spaceship. Although he is able to figure out the controls, the ship refuses to move, and Goku is forced to flee when the ground below the ship begins to collapse.

Namek explodes

Watching frantically, King Kai relays the news that Frieza's ship would not take off. Realizing he can do nothing to stop the explosion, Goku screams in anger. King Kai says that he cannot watch, while Yamcha yells for Goku not to die. The planet then explodes, and when the explosion is complete. King Kai says that Goku has perished. Yamcha volunteers to tell Bulma so that she can break the news to Gohan. Yamcha speaks telepathically to Bulma through King Kai. He tells her that Goku defeated Frieza, which she enthusiastically tells the others. However, she does not seem very upset upon hearing that Goku has died, which Yamcha chastises her for. Bulma then informs him of the Namekian Dragon Balls' ability to revive someone multiple times. King Kai then states that Goku and Krillin would be revived where Namek was, which is now empty space, and thus would immediately die again. The apparent hopelessness of the situation leaves Bulma stunned.






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