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"Nail, Champion of Namek" (ナメック星の戦士ネイル Namekku-sei no Senshi Neiru, lit. "Nail, Warrior of Namek star") is the ninety second chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred eighty-sixth overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover features Captain Ginyu in Goku's body, standing and wearing his green scouter.


The chapter opens with Frieza being surprised that anyone would dare to face him. He tells Nail that he will regret not telling him the secret of the Dragon Balls. Nail notes that Guru is near death, and that they should fight somewhere else since Frieza needs him alive. Frieza agrees, though he does not think the battle will last that long. Nail flies away from Guru's house for a while before Frieza finally tells him that it is far enough. As they land, Frieza wonders how an entire planet can be suicidal.

After they land, Nail powers up. Frieza is surprised as his power level reaches 42,000. Frieza says he almost wants him as one of his men, and then tells Nail that his power level is 530,000. Frieza also says that he will not fight at full strength and will use only one arm, which enrages Nail. He rushes at Frieza and strikes him in the neck, but Frieza is completely unfazed. With Nail's hand still against his neck, he grabs his arm and rips off the forearm. After briefly writhing in pain, Nail regenerates his forearm. Frieza is surprised but notes that Nail's power level has decreased, which leads him to wonder why Nail continues to fight.

Meanwhile, Goku is curious why Captain Ginyu is laughing, even though he has admitted that Goku is stronger. Jeice realizes Ginyu's plan and is suddenly confident again. Ginyu gives Jeice his scouter before proceeding to strike himself in the chest. With Goku shocked, Ginyu successfully performs the Body Change maneuver.






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